Strange Range

Thomas was a strange man, he liked marmite for heaven’s sake. He was fond of his little routines like having his disgusting marmite on beautiful brown crusty bread with melted golden butter. He sat eating it and stared at his door, Brenda.  Yes that’s right, he named his door.  In fact he named most things […]

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The Senile One

John Dimitri had reached his 76th birthday a few days ago.  Since then he felt strange, that something wasn’t right. He sat in his favourite chair in front of the telly.  The blaring light stinging his old eyes.  He recoiled when he saw the programme, a news story abput the latest trend of planking.  A […]

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The Crescent : No.10

“He’s been banging her for years Marge!” The middle age man breathlessly said, then taking another draw of his rollie ” I mean my god her husband doesn’t even know!”. Marge looked at her husband with a grin, she loved the gossip.  As she grinned the massive gap between her front teeth could be seen. […]

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