The Senile One

John Dimitri had reached his 76th birthday a few days ago.  Since then he felt strange, that something wasn’t right.

He sat in his favourite chair in front of the telly.  The blaring light stinging his old eyes.  He recoiled when he saw the programme, a news story abput the latest trend of planking.  A trend amongst young people balancing on out of place things.

“God these kids must be fucking bored these days!” He groaned aloud.

“Yes they are!” Hissed a voice behind him in the darkness.

John let out a shriek, he was alone.  Except for his TV which made him less lonely.  He was about to turn around.

“No! Don’t turn!” Hissed the voice again, a voice that made the hairs stand up on John’s body.

“I promise you if you turn around, you’ll die!” The voice said and lightly hit his head.

“Who are you?” John asked with a lump in his throat.

“Ah! Good question, you see I don’t actually know.  I’ve come to you for answers. I’ve been sent to you by someone. He said you can explain why I’m here.  All I have to do is find your secrets.” The voice said, john caught a glimpse of the face on the mirror.  He saw just two red menacing eyes. The creature hit johns head playfully.

” I warn you my patience is not long. I will ask you questions, you must answer!” The voice carried on “I am…”

Suddenly a bright light emanated the room.  The creature fled and screeched.  John was pinned to the chair and could not move.  He looked into the light, it was beautiful.  It faded in seconds leaving him in the darkened room.  He jumped up and switched the light on.  The room was now empty.

He clutched his heart, his heart was weak.  He stumbled to the bedroom, he lay there almost drowning in fear.  His memories unlocked and he went into them.  His whole body was shutting down but these memories were being forced.  He sat as a viewer as the memories were relived.


On July 4th 1940, John Dimitri was born to Greg Golightly and Annie Dimitri. He was a beautiful boy weighing 7lb 10oz. A happy child and very quick to learn.

The parents were happy together and were fond of their baby and his little ways of learning.

“My boy, you will be a bright star in this wretched world.” Greg would always announce proudly.

Greg left for national service 15th March 1941, they had sent for him and he had gladly gone.  He kissed his Annie and his little boy, then went to war.

He returned once the Nazi threat had finished. He returned changed, angry and bitter.  He turned to alcohol as a friend in need and Annie recieved the hardness of this new Greg.  He hated the world and everything in it.

John recalled a memory of when he was 12 years old, he was walking home from school.  The day was bright and crisp, the leaves crunched as he walked down streets.  He was a happy child but today would rock his world.

He was raised to be a strong boy and to carry out chores to the best of his ability. School was more or less a hobby, a way to waste time while the real work needed doing.

As he approached his house he heard his mother screaming. He ran towards the house wondering what was happening. His mother was crawling down the steps begging for mercy, his dad was following her with a broken beer bottle.

His mum was on the floor screaming.

John ran to his mother to help her. His dad approached.

“Get out of the way bastard! I’ve got to sort your whore mother out!” The hulking giant man said.

“No leave her alone, I will kill you!” John stood over his weeping mother.”go away I say”.

The police officer arrived on his bike, truncheon already at hand.

“Back away! Greg, leave the woman and child be!” The policeman ordered “back away I say!”

Greg glared at the policeman, he looked at the bottle in his hand.  He narrowed his eyes “you gonna tell him Annie?”

John looked at his mum puzzled.

“Tell me what? Mother?” John implored.

“Oh you john my boy” Greg said through a painful grimace “are not actually my boy!”

Johns heart sank, it sank as if his body was an ocean. The world began to spin, this man was his father his whole life and it was a lie.

His memory faded and replaced by a later one.  A 23 year old john looked into the mirror, his eyes badly bruised.  The fifth fight he’d had this week with men from the pub.  He had grown angry and tired of life.

His mother and father had passed on, he was alone.  He turned to alcohol like his father.  And like his father he was angry with the world.

He turned to killing.

His first kill was horrible, a young woman who was collecting groceries. She denied his advances and he could not handle it, he was angry at her and decided if he couldn’t have her no one could.

He got piano wire and strangled her, he looked into her eyes.  Those eyes with innocence screamed out why? Her red lipstick shining like a lighthouse in the darkest night.

He cringed in front of the mirror.  His eyes wet with tears.  What was wrong with him?

” I understand” wept a female voice full of emotion.  He turned and it was the dead woman.

He looked amused.  Not the first time he saw dead people.

“How could you possibly know?” He screamed at the spirit.

She grinned, unbuttoning her blouse.

“I just know” she said seductively. He looked with lust and reached out. She faded away.

He shaved delicately but with each stroke he went deeper.  He cut himself and winced but he hated himself.

His dead mother appeared. “Calm yourself love” she put her hand on his and lowered the razor.

“Why would it concern you mother? You’re dead!” He said angrily.

“Because I’m your mother! I worry, when will you find peace?” She replied sadly.

His memories faded in and out, from killing and abusing people.  Men and women of all ages had died by his bloody hands.

His mind came back to the present.  He was dying and the shadow with the red eyes stared at him.  The raspy warm breath on his dying face.

“Who am i? ” it said pitifully.

“You’re…the demons… I’ve held inside… all these years!” He clutched his heart.  This was the end, he knew it.

Paramedics burst into his room at that point.  The creature sat cross legged on his body. The paramedics oblivious to this dark spirit.  The red eyes glared and narrowed at John, he could not speak but stared into the red eyes.

He spoke with his mind.

“You are more or less my creation, whether you’re real or not I cannot say. I am sorry.  I have done wrong, I know I have.”

“Hush! I will hear no more.  I am thinking.” Replied the telepathic thoughts of the dark shadow.

John looked away.  The paramedics were surrounding his body, little did they know they were helping a monster.

The demon let out a shriek, it flew to the ceiling.  It turned it’s head 360 degrees.

“You will die john!” The creatures mouth opened wide.  It stretched to the far corner of the room.  It snapped it’s maw.

John was dead there and then.  His soul captured by this creature.  The demon was clever, it had been in him for a long time.  Now it moved onto the next victim. A paramedic serial killer would be nice.

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