Strange Range

Thomas was a strange man, he liked marmite for heaven’s sake. He was fond of his little routines like having his disgusting marmite on beautiful brown crusty bread with melted golden butter.

He sat eating it and stared at his door, Brenda.  Yes that’s right, he named his door.  In fact he named most things n his house but Brenda was special.

She came with the house so he wasn’t sure what she was made from.  He lovingly painted her a bright red.

“How ya doing today Brenda?” Thomas smiled.

No answer.  But in Thomas mind they were having a riveting conversation. He laughed and talked through his breakfast to this door. He talked about how his day was full of mischief and funny things.  How he hoped he would make people happy.

The door was silent.

Thomas was wearing a bright green jacket with a purple shirt underneath, bright blue jeans and an orange top hat.

He looked in the mirror and brushed his shoulders. He felt proud of himself, he was being himself and he didn’t care.  He got up from the table and started to walk through the door.  He lovingly stroked the door as he went through.

He smiled as he reached the front door, Derek.  Yes I know, I know another named door but keep with me. He turned the handle quickly and opened.

As he opened, the view was spectacular. He was viewing the world from the top of the white cliffs of Dover.

The sea sparkled and shone as the waves moved. Seagulls flying up and down trying to catch food, he like to call them airsharks after an unfortunate incident where a seagull stole his sweet pepper and mayo sandwich.  They will literally eat anything!

Dover castle was just as majestic, the sun shining on it like it was a beacon of hope.  The clouds rolling by slowly, it was picturesque.

He stepped outside the door frame.

He looked at the eight story building and snapped his finger three times.  Suddenly the house began to shrink, right to the size of a ten pence coin. He flipped the rectangle shape up in the air and straight into his pocket.

Thomas was ready for a bright day, the sun was out and nature was thriving. As he reached the bottom of the cliffs through the steep path, he leaned against a metal fence. He was getting his breath back.

Approaching him were two teen girls, they giggled when they saw him. He tipped his hat off to them which made them giggle harder.

“Good day young ladies! May you have a gay old time!” He pronounced as he bowed with his hat sweeping.

“Get lost grand dad!” They mocked and giggled so much.

“Im Not your grand dad” he uttered but they had gone out of ear shot “at least I don’t think i am”.

Thomas’s shoes were bright purple with black spots, with a swift kick in the air he cheerfully walked.  Every person coming by would be greeted by a funny little man.  Half of them said “go away!” And most of them said it more harshly.

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