The Grey Area

Michelle was a quiet girl, some would even say shy. However, she felt special, almost like she was destined for greater things.

Her 28 years of life had brought her to this decision, always something was watching out for her she felt.
Then one day Orion ion came.  He was her friend, an unusual friend.  Orion ion came from the grey area.
When Michelle asked him questions about the grey area, she would hear wonderful stories about billions of colours and untold creations.
Trees that reflected light like mirrors, seas like glass that you could see into the depths, of animals that could understand and communicate and the absolute beauty of giant rainbows of all colours.
It sounded wonderful compared to the dreary little town of Woodrow.  
She sat alone.
Orion ion walked through the door and looked sad.
“I miss my family Michelle, I do wish dearly to get back” 
“I know I wish you’d go fucking back too!

Doing me bloody nut in!”
“Ah! Am I really that bad?” Orion ion asked perplexed.
“Just everytime I see you it’s the same.  How did you get here anyway? You’ve never told me!” Michelle replied irritated at being invaded.
“Well, I guess you should know.  The thing is our world, Tribalas Iume, is peaceful.  It’s pretty much intertwined with the multitude.  However, there are certain points where we can go to other places-”
“Just fucking tell me, give me strength” Michelle interrupted.
“Alright I am! Well I got separated from my family and ended up walking to a stretch of land and I went through the grey area.  When suddenly I was here, transported but by my own three feet”
Oh yeah Orion ion has three feet.

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