The Wild Eyed Witch – Part 4 – the reasoning

The leprechaun put his hand up and repelled the bolt like it was a rubber ball.  The lightning bolt smashed into the witch and she fell back, stunned.

Conarght tutted, she should have known better.  He went to check the witch and she was breathing fine, he clicked his fingers and her body rose up in the air.  It was levitating and following the leprechaun.

He took the floating body to the Hawthorne tree, he waved his hand and a black mist appeared.  It was a portal to his home, he disappeared into it with the floating body.

Inside this portal was pure brilliant white, a room of immaculate cleanliness. There was nothing in the room but Conarght and the floating body.  He waved his hand and the body dropped.

The witch woke up. She was amazed.

“Ah-where is this? Am I alive?” She was checking herself.

Conarght looked at her “you are deep in the heart of my magic, from here you can do anything.  Be anything.  The only thing you can’t do is hurt, this is your home now. This room” he waved his arm around “is your kingdom, all you need to do is think”

“So I’m your prisoner?” The witch snapped.

“No nothing of the sort” the leprechaun grinned. “You’ll never age, if you want to be young just think.  Trust me this the best offer you’ll get from me.” He added with a bit of smarm “or I could take your magic.”

She looked angry again.  Always angry this one, if only she knew what he had done.  She would be as angry as the old Gods of Ireland!

“I’m helping you, Margharta!” Conarght turned away and flicked his wrist, the black mist forming. 

“Farewell, my angry little witch!” He turned and bowed with his hat.  He turned back to the mist.

He walked through it and was once again in the forest.

He chuckled.  The witch was imprisoned all right, she was in an illusion, a room created out of magic.  Nowhere near his home, he wouldn’t have that.

  The witch would still be there for millenniums, but the most important thing is he wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore.

And Sometimes, just sometimes when the full moon was out, the little leprechaun could hear faint cries of help.

He smiled every time because he knew they were her cries. And she deserved it.  Arrogance will get you no where, especially when dealing with a leprechaun.

The world was better off without that Wild Eyed Witch.

The Wild Eyed Witch -Part 3 – taming of the witch

The witch sat in crumpled mess from where she’d been thrown.  Muttering curses at the air.  She wasn’t hurt, just in shock.  She started to rub debris off herself and slowly stood up.

“Show yourself devil” she said without conviction.

Conarght appeared right by her foot, his height reached her knee joint.  How old and withered she had looked, how fierce her eyes still glared.

She scowled.

“You did this to me, wretched thing. All I ask is for some Hawthorne sap to get me some youth.  You deny me!” She glared at him and pushed on “why???”

“If I recall rightly you’re the one who wished to live forever” his little finger pointing, accusing “ye should never take wishes for granted!”

She went to kick conarght but he dodged so quickly, she had no hope. Conarght giggled at the kicked leaves falling around her.

She looked pitiful, the once beautiful witch was now a hag.  Destined to grow older and older till she was nothing but bone. Conarght had a bit of sadness for her, not much and not even sadness.  He couldn’t place it, his eyes brightened.  He knew what it was, it was pity.

The witch started to sob. Conarght shown himself, the witch stopped sobbing. She wiped her tears.

Conarght went to a large stone and sat there, his feet dangling over the edge moving to and fro.  

“Why do we cross paths so much? There must be a reason!” He asked out loud, perhaps not even to the witch.

“Well, you are meddler. I am but a magic user, I made a simple mistake with a wish” her eyes still wet “is there anything to reverse the wish?”

Conarght shook his head, he stood up and pointed in her face “I told ye, ye must be careful what ye wish for!  I can’t magic an unwish, there’s nothing I can do for you!” He started to pace up and down with his hands behind his back. 

He wanted to help, at least if he did he would have little trouble with the witch as she wouldn’t be long for living. He took his hat off and peered inside the big hole.  He started to whisper into it and the witch swore she could hear a whispering back.

The leprechaun looked up from the hat, he shook his head.

“There is a way of reversing the wish” he shook his head knowing full well her answer already “but you have to give up your magic.”

The witch was angry.  She physically shook with rage.

The leprechaun knew full well this would not end well.  As he put his hat back on his head a lightning bolt hurtled fast at the leprechaun.  A powerful bolt from the witches hand.

The Wild Eyed Witch – Part 2 – The waning moon

Conarght spied on the witch for a good two weeks, he didn’t trust her and always knew she was up to no good.  He remembered how they first met.
He had honest intentions.

It was 1710 and he was walking by a cottage in Islandmagee, he heard a racket from inside.  A woman screaming insanely, he walked closer to the house to see the trouble.
He relished in mischief and could not resist the urge to look. He hopped up to the ledge as quick as a flash.  As he peered in he saw a woman sitting down at a table, she screamed “leave me alone!” And all manner of curses.

As she screamed things were flying around the room by themselves, plates smashed into walls, cups dancing around and chairs scraping the floor.

Conarght looked amazed, he started to grin.  Someone or something was doing this, he went on the hunt.  He tipped his little red hat to the woman and hopped off the ledge.

He sensed magic.

Like a beacon he was drawn to it, away from the cottage and through some hedges into the forest.  He walked another 40 yards or so and went through some shrubs.  There!

He saw her.  A silhouette of a woman who looked as of she were conducting a band.  Her hips swayed with the magic her hands waving to and fro, flicking and jerking.

She was a young thing, no more than 25 years old.  She cackled under the waning moon.  Conarght was about to go interrupt her, when some men jumped out and grabbed her.

“Margharta! You are to be on trial as a witch!” One of the four burly men grabbed her arms, another her legs.  She screamed and kicked out but she was overpowered.

Conarght giggled at the scene.  He loved all this drama, he stepped out unseen.  The men had ropes and tied her person about a tree.  They were interrogating her.

Conarght was standing right beside them unseen. Except her, she saw him, he cursed himself.

She started to grin.

The men looked on at her, she was a beautiful young woman with jet black hair with several white stripes in her hair.  A sign she had dealt with death to be sure.

“What say you witch? Have ye been tormenting yon widow in that cottage over yonder?” Asked the leader.

The witch cackled.

“Yes! She deserves it you Fools!” She screeched, the men held their ears “she murdered her husband, my lover! she needs to leave this mortal coil .. as do you!” She looked at Conarght.

“I wish you four would die a slow painful death!”

Conarght groaned, he flicked his hand.  Immediately the four of them put there hands to their chest.  They were slowly suffocating, lungs filling with water, panting and screaming the men slowly died.  It went on for hours, the pain killing them.  One of the last screamed with his last breath to let him die.

The witch cackled all the way through the mass murder.  She screamed happily. “Show yourself leprechaun!”

Conarght made himself visable, he grimaced at the thought of her. She smiled.

“Where did you get your powers?” He inquired, she was a powerful mortal.  He didn’t understand, and there wasn’t alot he missed.

“My mother’s side have been strong with magic but I’m not revealing anything to the likes of you!” She continued “I made a pact with the devil!” 

Conarght laughed out loud, the devil! Of course, always the devil.

She was not amused by this.

“I wish for these ropes to be released from me”

He flicked his hand and the ropes fell loose to the ground. She stepped over the ropes and bent down to each man, she drew little stars on each man’s forehead, the third eye.

Conarght had witnessed this in tribes a long time ago, it was normally for protection from spirits.  Dependant on the way it was drawn, it could have been a curse on their families.

This woman was evil.

“Why have you spent two wishes so quickly?” Conarght had his hat off scratching his thin Brown hair, he was trying to change the subject.

“I don’t need you!” She snapped and stormed towards him “I don’t need anybody!”

Conarght was a great judge of character.  Arrogance.  That was her trait.

“I wish to live forever now be gone with you!”

Cornarght sighed, he flicked his hand and went away through the bushes.  He went to the woman’s house, he jumped on that same window ledge.  He peered in once again.

The woman that had been petrified earlier looked relieved and happy enough. Everything had stopped moving and she was enjoying some food. Conarght felt sorry for the young woman, her tears were on a pool on the table.

He was going to meddle.

He put both his hands together and started to rub.  The magic stirring in his hands, he put his hands to the window and an invisible beam went straight into the woman’s body.

The woman felt a rush of joy, she began to cry tears of happiness.  When the beam had finished she rejoiced to god.  Her hands up to the sky.

Conarght jumped off the ledge.  As he turned he saw a shadowy figure approaching the house, the witch.  She started to run towards the house.

The leprechaun hit her with a disabling magic, she fell to the ground.  

“You’re not to go near her, ye hear me?” Conarght boomed. “If ye do, I will murder you a thousands times and more, I’ll keep bringing you back too!”

The witch spat.

“She killed my lover, you imp!” She started to sob.

Conarght pointed to the house “that place is protected, she is protected! You cannot touch her, if you do the magic will return to you tenfold whilst she remains unharmed.  And.” He added for impact “that includes all her kin from now to eternity.”

The witch cursed and ran off.

That was the first time Conarght encountered the Wild Eyed Witch.  For 80 years or so their paths crossed.  She was very tricky to deal with.

And here he was two weeks after his last encounter, watching her trying to get more Hawthorne sap.  She dug into the tree roots and recoiled in horror when she was thrown across the forest floor.

He protected his home.

She was a nuisance.

The Wild Eyed Witch

The old hag stumbled around in her worn down cottage.  Her determination to finish the magic was of pure passion.  The cauldron bubbled and glooped as she went looking around desperately for some ingredients.

Her hair was withered and white, her eyes rolling around crazily.  She looked under old pots and pans, searching through ash and soot.  She found it!  She cackled hard and loud.

It was a jar of clear liquid.  She was about to put it in the cauldron.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Said a small voice behind her. She grinned evil and narrowed her eyes to the side.

“Conarght!” She turned “Always a pleasure!” She bowed respectfully.

A little man no taller that a foot stood near the doorway. His Brown beard making him look wizened and a red hat that struck out against the night.

“And the same to you Margharta!” He looked at the jar “and..ah…what would ye be needing that for?” He nodded at the item.

“Oh this! Well I’m using it for my health, dear friend!” She screeched and guffawed.

“You truly are insane” he muttered under his breath, she didn’t notice.

“You know that’s not meant for the likes of you! It’s the sap of the Hawthorne tree!” He sighed “when will you mortals realise?”

The witch slyly looked around, she slowly danced inbetween the ruined braces of the cottage.

“But we both know I’m no mortal, don’t we? My wee saviour!  I’ve been this way for a hundred years” She hissed “it’ll be fine! No worse than what I am!” She snarled and stormed back to the cauldron.

“Please don’t, you don’t know what will happen!” Conarght pleaded.

The witch unpopped the lid, looked at Conarght while the liquid fell out, about to go in. It didn’t go in, what happened was it turned direction in the air. Safely away.

The witch cursed at him, the leprechaun remained steadfast.

“Don’t be meddling in things your not supposed to!” He warned poking his finger at her “that Hawthorne tree is not to be touched!”

With that he left and the witch was alone. She hated him, always meddling in her affairs.  She grabbed the bottle again but found it replaced with a beer bottle.

She screamed blue murder for the whole night, even conarght heard it two miles down the road as he entered the portal to his home in that Hawthorne tree.

Somehow he knew she would try again.

He would stop her.


Last of the Leprechauns

So we went to a quaint little town just south of the Northern Irish border, 8 miles south to be exact.  Its weird to know that we can cross two countries and not have checks etc.

We were travelling from near Belfast to Co.Louth. A beautiful scenic drive that’s ruined by maniac drivers not paying attention to the road.

We arrived in Carlingford at 11:58 and I tried to find a parking space to our destination.  We found it eventually. I noticed a large Leprechaun statue pokin his head from the hedge.

We were greeted by Kevin, a Leprechaun Whisperer outside the shop of Last Of The Leprechauns! He told me if I were looking for leprechauns that I need to look at the ground because I’d run them over.

So we bundled out of the car and into the shop.  My daughter being grumpy as she’d spent an hour in the back bored as a fairy without wings.  However, her eyes lit up when Kevin said to her to come take a leprechaun, choose wisely he said.

She chose the Common Sense Leprechaun out of the 30 or so figures.  So once we got the little figure we bundled up the stairs covered in fake grass.

When we got to the top we were greeted with a number of wooden chairs.  When we all sat down the Leprechaun Whisperer took his place on a big wooden chair.

“Now, who believes in Leprechauns?” He asked, he reminded me of a grandfather telling a tale.  All that was missing was a book, slippers and a wee pipe sticking out his gob.

We all stuck our hands up to confirm why we were there.  Kevin began his tale.

“Now, I’m what they call a Leprechaun Whisperer” he started “and I have seen leprechauns, now what happened was there was a loud scream on the mountain! And the person who heard this scream was the owner of the pub P J Ohare, who’s since passed.”

“And so he went to investigate where the scream happened on the Foy mountain, and what he saw was a piece of scorched earth and a little green suit and hat.  What he found in the suit were 4 gold coins!”

I was loving this tale, and Kevin really made it better.

“It came to be that I took possession of the coins after PJ OHare passed over.  One day whilst I was walking up the mountains with my dog, I saw three leprechauns!  Now when I saw them I was frozen and the dog was too!  We were frozen whilst looking at them!”

He imitated being frozen.  His eyes rolled up to the heavens and he went stiff as a board and it seemed forever when he did.

A few giggles from the kids.

He relaxed and carried on with the tale.

“The leprechauns disappeared under a rock and I was unfrozen.  So I went home and wondered whether to tell anyone about this.  I got home and it transpired that I’d been gone a long time!”

His tale was really believable, I’m skeptical but the child in me desperately craves for these things to be true.

“I became a believer in the Leprechauns and what I started to do was lobby a case to protect the wee folk.  We were successful and right now there is protection for the wee folk through the EU.

I also set up a leprechaun hunt in the mountains.  If anyone could catch a leprechaun to prove their existence, there were four toy leprechauns in the mountains with 1000 pounds under each.

I sold leprechaun hunting licences for 10 pounds.  The mountains were covered with people, they had nets and leprechaun traps, you name it.

Now, I’ve been told by a leprechaun that there are 236 of them left and the millions that died were because people stopped believing in them.

I was able to talk to the wee folk because one of the four gold coins enables me to see and talk with them.”

The tale ended in this wee room, and we preceded to the underground fairy cavern. He shown us all manner of things and tales.

There was much more said but I’ll leave it to your imagination and if you visit.

I highly recommend this place.

If you’re skeptical like me you will still enjoy it and get lost in the magic.

Enjoy The Last of the Leprechauns at 1a Gran Road, Carlingford, Co.Lough, Ireland.

Conarght of the Gold – Part 9 – The Confession

We were back in the cellar staring at each other.  I was gobsmacked at the images that I’d seen.  Conarght was pacing again.

“Where are they?” I asked him.

“Who?” He replied absent mindedly.

“The Fomarians! That army! Where are they? Are we safe?” I quickly replied.

The leprechaun looked at me dumbfounded. “Well, you’ve been fine for milleniums, they’ve never returned. The problem they have is that they don’t know how to find the way to here.  They’ll never know unless I tell them.  The banshee is the only powerful thing that can get through.” He looked into my eyes sincerely “because she’s undead.”

I was relieved that we were safe. 

The leprechaun stopped pacing, a little grin appeared on his face. “So fergal I’ve told you my tale straight and true, now, can you please make that third wish?”

I was thinking about it and then I took hold of my senses.  What if he lied about it all?  What if he would go straight back to this world?  The images were impressive but I couldn’t be sure, not with Conarght.

“Conarght” I started tactfully, his grin turned to malice “I may have to keep you longer, I need a clear head.”

At this the leprechaun went into rage, he kicked and screamed at everything he could get his hold on.  He went berserk and started cursing and shouting at me.  A permanent scowl on his face, I had my answer.

I would never know unless I wished it.

He stopped and looked at me.

“Then wish!! Wish for whatever it is you want!” He yelled “I want free of this wretched place.”

I walked away from him and screeching continued.  I wanted nothing more to do with him, he was a riddle I wasn’t meant to solve.

He was our prisoner for years to come, I visited him often at the start.  He would tell me of tales about warriors he’d met and quests he’d helped on. But always every visit came the wish.  Eventually he gave up talking, unfortunately I stopped visiting.

But one day around 100 years or so, I was walking with my mother through the woods when we came to that Hawthorne tree.

On each side of the tree stood figures I’m black cowls.  The same from the visions of Pantholeon.

Our world was in danger.

They were coming.

They were here!

Conarght of the Gold – Part 8 – The revelation

I ran with Conarght towards the mass of otherworldly creatures. As I ran I noticed the grotesque minions, they disgusted me and the vibe of hatred emanating from them was nauseating. 

They carried broadsword and shields, the evil oozing from their eyes.  We carried on running, through the green grass. “Come on! I want you to see!”

We sped past unnoticed by the masses of the army. Until we came to a monument of some description, tall it was in the form of a humanoid.  I looked carefully at it, it was absolutely massive.  The body of a man with cloven hooves, when I looked up it had the head of a goat with one eye.  It was a statue of Pantholeon.

I gasped but was urged on by Conarght, we ran past it and ended up outside a massive temple structure. We went inside this golden structure.

When I got in what I saw was impressive, massive busts of all sorts of creatures.  A woman with snakes in her hair, a dragon and many others.  All on opposite sides of a path.  I felt their eyes on me as we ran.

Conarght was ahead of me, this hall seemed to go on forever.  Then we came to the top of some stairs, I looked down and saw an auditorium.  Thousands of people surrounded a stage, a semi circle of jeering souls. 

On the stage were four figures surrounding a chair, in the chair sat a being, the description matched that of Pantholeon.

“We are ready Sire to go up into the world!” One of the figures yelled, the crowds cheered.

“Ready for the war!” Another said.

The crowd screamed! It hurt my ears the noise of them, until the seated figure put a hand up. The crowd silenced.

“We shall go up! But peaceful, we must otherwise we will be cast down here yet again.” Pantholeons voice boomed.

The crowd cursed and jeered at these words.  

“Come up here if you defy me!” The leader was standing now. A giant compared to the rest of them.  The crowd shied away. “I must create union before we release havoc and chaos in that world” he continued.

The crowded room laughed, hissed and spat in joy.  How easily led they were. 

Conarghts face was sad, he looked tortured.  He saw me glancing and changed completely, the mask back on. He grumbled, then put his finger on my forehead again.

A flash of searing light.

We moved from that place to a familiar area.  I saw a young Hawthorne tree, I saw a beautiful giant woman, it was Danu.  She had hair the colour of the sun and her skin colour was almost transparent.  She knelt by this Hawthorne tree as if were a twig, she put her hands gently on it and whispered words.

The Hawthorne tree began to bear fruit and she smiled.

I couldn’t stop looking at her, how beautiful and fair she were.  Her blue gown mixing in with the blue sky.  It was almost like she were the sky.

“Danu!” Thundered a voice and I saw a hoofed man running towards her “my love!” Said the one eyed pantholeon.

“Yes my love?” Danu replied sweetly. She stood up and embraced him.

“My creatures are growing impatient with mankind, they are starting to revolt” he exclaimed “I may have to destroy them”

“Do not Pantholeon! I am trying to help them, do not destroy. Teach.” She pointed at the Hawthorne tree.

“Danu, you do not understand. It’s in their blood to revolt.” His giant hand shook the little tree, I felt the roots crunch.  “Let me destroy them, I do not want to go back home.”

A black hooded figure looked upon the two giants, it saw the Hawthorne tree and dissapeared.

“They won’t harm you while I am here Pantholeon and they cannot harm me.  Unless I’m sleeping.” She looked at him and laughed merrily “you needn’t worry”.

They play fought for a while, two giants frolicking in the grass. Until they lay together side by side. The two were in love, I could tell.

Conarght looked at me.

“Nothing is as it seems Fergal!” He shook his head “no matter how dark a heart is…if it has love it has light”

The two giants started to sleep in the fields, Conarght and I sat beside them.

“For centuries, possibly millennia we were together.” He said sadly.

“Are you really Pantholeon?” I asked sincerely.  I didn’t know what I was asking.

“All in good time” he put his finger to my forehead and we were back to the auditorium.

This time a human sitting beside that chair.  He was miniscule to that chair.

The four figures still there.

“Here is your King Pantholeon!” One of them said “and here is his punishment!”

The figure put his hand above Pantholeon, the other three mimicked the gesture, magic formed in the hands.  Darkness engulfed the human, so thick it was that no inch was visible.

“The king was tall!  Well now he’s small!” The figure exclaimed. “I call upon the banshee!”

The blackness dissipated and there in the obliteration stood Conarght.  Just as I see him now!  He looked a pitiful sight.  I saw a black figure floating slowly towards him.  The banshee was at the stage, she took off her cloak and presented herself.

It was the redheaded woman that Conarght had banished from our home.

“Take him banshee! To the Hawthorne tree!”

Conarght grimaced.

The first time I’d seen him grimace about that Hawthorne tree.

It was the first time I’d realised the tragedy of that tree.

The banshee put her cloak on, grabbed the small figure and floated upwards.

Conarght sadly put his finger to my forehead.

“Time to go”