I weep for my country

Can you imagine a world where men are outraged about inequality between the homeless, working poor and the rich whilst simultaneously tweeting from their iPhones?

Satire or irony. Perhaps both.

Sadly this is the case for our millenials. So desperate for a struggle, so easily led. Such Fools. 

Moaning about how fast food isn’t really fast whilst moaning about the latest news on foodbanks. The horror,  the absolute ghastlinest of how this country has been run down, they moan into a steaming skinny latte from their local American branded coffee shop.

Immigration policy, they ponder, should be enforced so they can leave our country! they rant, whilst tucking into a kebab whilst drunk on German beer.

Oh that MPs at it again, having it off with that bird, what a dick! Says the chav who’s been ranting on a TV show about his cheating missus. He was the father!!

How I enjoy the spectacle of modern Britain, it never ceases to amaze me the blinding hypocrisy in our day to day lives. It’s almost comical, almost Little Britain…ish.

After all I never thought I’d live to see the day when I heard of a Prime Minister taking advantage of a pig.

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