Hawthorne Tree – Part 6 – The woman in my dreams

“Who are you?” I asked the woman “I saw you in my dream last night”.

She didn’t speak, she stared and seemed like she was floating rather than walking. She touched my head with her long finger.

Flashes of memory, a fairy mother with her child.  The child cooing then a black creature appearing over the mother.  The darkest black, shrieks coming from it.  It could only be a banshee.

The mother protected the child and with the love of a mother one final blast of pure magic.  The banshee flew away.

Another flash of memory. 

The mother running with the child Iin a basket to a nearby village.  Running Past a familiar church, to a familiar door.  My heart raced. The baby turned from fairy to human size.  Wings disappearing.  The mothers wings disintegrating.

The basket was left by the door. My door.

Flashes of the boy growing up, the mother watching from afar. My mother. 

Another flash of memory of the banshee wailing around a Hawthorne tree. A leprechaun angry and tormented by the wails. The banshee travelling miles and miles searching for the child that eluded it.

The flashes ended.

I looked at my mother, we stood there for what seemed an eternity. I broke the silence.

“What am I?” Tears in my eyes.

She hugged me, brought me close. Whispered in my ear “A changeling, my son”. I pulled away, I could see the hurt in her eyes.

“The woman of the mounds wanted you” she trembled “the banshee”. We were looking at each other with worry.

“You must not go back home, ever. Conarght of the Hawthorne will have informed the banshee.  He is in league with evil itself” she stopped suddenly. 

The clouds were turning dark, a storm suddenly coming.  In the distance a wailing, the banshee.  My mother urged me forward.

“Come, we must get to our home” she ran towards the forest, I ran behind her. We ran for ages it seemed, the devil on our tails.  The wails coming closer to me.

I followed my mother through tree trunks and over rivers.  She didn’t slow and I found it hard to keep up.  We stopped suddenly and she put her finger to my mouth.

I looked behind and saw the dark figure of the banshee looming.  It stopped and seemed to look left and right by a clearing.  Something moved to the right, the banshee followed it.

I saw a small figure appear from the clearing, he went to the left of the clearing. The leprechaun.

“They’re helping us Darthel, my kin are helping.  Come, we must hurry” she whispered.

So we ran on, past the Hawthorne tree and down the incline. We ran past a few clearings until I saw something familiar. A ring of mushrooms.

We jumped into the ring together.

What happened next was unbelievable. We dissapeared into thin air then a floating feeling, I was drifting slowly down.  I looked around, I could see a huge cavern.  At the bottom thousands upon thousands of twinkling lights.  Like stars that fell to the ground.

“You’re home Darthel! You’re finally home!” My mother was overjoyed and we spun around and around above the many lights.

I didn’t quite know how to feel.

“Be still my sweet Prince, your kingdom awaits”

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