Hawthorne Tree – Part 7 – The Trial

We fell to ground gracefully.  Around us thousands of tiny folk gathered cheering and rejoicing. The sound of sweet music filled the massive cavern. We were like giants my mother and I, the little fairies like little insects.

A familiar little hand was on my shoulder, Erith.

“Welcome home my Prince, this is your kingdom” she said happily. In the background I heard a harp.  Six of the little faeries zooming in and out of the strings to make beautiful music.

A giant drum being bounced upon by another set of faeries, the music filled me with happiness.  I was overjoyed, I looked at Erith worryingly.

“What of my family? The people who raised me?” I uttered.

“Do not worry,they will be looked after by us unknowingly all their life. The faerie folk are indebted to them forever. You can visit anytime you like sire”. 

I was satisfied of the answer.  I knew they would be OK, I was worried the banshee and leprechaun had went there.  I took out the four gold coins.

My mother’s eyes widened.

“Give them to me Dearthal!” She urged “these are from Conarghts treasury, he has erred”.

My mother put the coins in her palm and brought it to her head.  She concentrated hard and uttered “Conarght of the gold”.

I heard a wailing sound then suddenly a crash to the ground.  It was him.  He got straight up and brushed himself down. He was annoyed and his face was showing complete distaste.

“What..now..where?” He turned around three or four times. The fairies all closing in a circle around him.  He looked dismayed.

“Conarght of the gold! I demand your obedience now!” My mother commanded.

“Of course Nerath of the bow, I respect your wish!” He knelt feebly, I could tell he was lying. So this was my mother’s name Nerath.

“Why have you summoned the woman of the mounds?  Was it to murder me and my son? SPEAK!” Her voice was thunderous.  

“I didn’t know it was your son, your kin” he said “but I knew he was special” he gave me a look of distain. I ignored him which made his ire worse.

“Very well, I’m afraid consequences have to come for you” she clicked her fingers.  Four fairies carried some iron handcuffs.

The leprechaun screamed and kicked, his protests fell on deaf ears. The iron cuffs were placed around his hands, he screamed in agony. They melted into his hands, dissolved into his skin.

“You have no power until the iron is removed.  I will remove them with one task.  Banish the banshee” mightily she roared, like a warrior queen.

“That’s impossible! You might as well ask me to kill the devil!” He yelled back.

“This is your problem now, we shall stay here until the deed is done!” My mother looked victorious over the leprechaun.

Until. A wailing was heard.

The leprechaun smiled, grinning from ear to ear and with two words struck the heart of my mother with fear.

“She’s here!”

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