Hawthorne Tree – Part 8 – The woman of the mounds

The wailing continued, the banshee was nearly though the magical barrier.  My mother uttered quickly a few words and I was gone.  I was still with them but not physically, I could see everything but not do anything.  I could see the scene of everything.

My mother looked in my direction and put her finger to her mouth. I got the message.be quiet!

My mother was taller than all the faerie folk, I wondered why.  But any questions I had were abruptly stopped.  

The leprechaun was chuckling hysterically, he had won in his opinion. In his hysteria he hadn’t noticed I’d vanished, he started looking around and around trying to find me.

His laughing stopped.

“Where is he??” He bellowed.

“Gone, Conarght” my mother retorted. “Away from the likes of you!”.

“You’ve doomed us all you fool!” He screamed back “give me my power back to at least give me a fighting chance”.

“So you would turn on us the moment she arrives” my mother calmly and patiently said “not a chance!”

The leprechaun looked truly defeated, I even saw a golden tear well up in his eye.

The banshee was near, I looked up and saw a black mass slowly descending down. Almost like death creeping on his victim. Ironically that’s what a banshee was.

The black mass was gradually falling faster.  

It fell without a sound. A towering figure in black robes floating around the area we were in.  It hovered around, it stopped at a few faery folk then began to look again.  It stopped at the leprechaun and wailed.

The leprechaun winced.  His eyes filled with golden tears, the banshee looked around again.  It came to a stop in the middle of the circle.

A flash of light.

The banshee discarded it’s robes, there stood a beautiful lady.  A lady of fantastic beauty.  Her clothes were black and gold, she had a fantastic head of red.

“Where is the one they call seventh son?” She sang in her deathly voice. She looked at my mother “I wanted him long ago, hes mine!”

I winced when I heard these words, I’m glad she didn’t see me.  I wished… the leprechaun looked straight in my direction when I thought it.

The wishes!  I had three wishes!

I must think it through, this was a great turn of events.  The leprechaun looked worried.  He screamed to that banshee and pointed my direction.

“He’s not yours and never will be!” My mother said as the banshee flew fast to the area I was at.  It grasped at the air bit I had moved.

Think! What should I wish for?

The leprechaun looked at me again!

“There! There! He’s there!” He was hopping up and down.  

The leprechauns powers were diminished, if I wished it would be in vain.  I went to my mother’s side and began whispering for her to release the leprechauns powers.

I don’t know if she heard me. Hopefully.

The banshee was going mad, twirling around, grasping at the air.

“Tell me! Or I will make this my new home!” The banshee threatened.

Weeping.  Horrendous weeping from the wee folk.

My mother flicked her wrist.

“No, I will not give up my son!” She said squaring up to the red headed banshee.  

The leprechauns magic was restored. I began my first wish.  I wish for the leprechaun to banish the banshee forever from Ireland!

The leprechaun looked at me in exasperation. 

The banshee started to convulse, her screams hurt everyone’s ears, she started to melt into nothing.  The leprechaun was beyond angry. He watched the smoke rise from the ground.

His tears had dried up, a gold tear stain on his cheek.

“Second wish, your heiress” he said through gritted teeth, mocking me.

I wish for my mother’s fairy nature to return forever.

My mother’s wings grew back instantly and she flew up and around to the cheers of the crowds below.

“Granted sire” he said licking his lips, is eyes narrowed “last wish”.

“No more Conarght!”I appeared again “put the cuffs on”.  

The leprechaun howled and screamed, his magic lost. My mother flew down and interrupted.

“Take him to the cellar of Eriths house! I’m sure he’ll be comfortable!”

“I wished I’d never laid eyes on ye Fergal!” The leprechaun screamed curses and threats as he was dragged away by the wee folk.

“You’re home and you’re finally safe son!” 

“I know mother, but can we stay away from that Hawthorne tree?”

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