Conarght of the Gold – The Beginning

Take away all of that fake imagery of your typical Leprechaun. This tale is not for everyone infact it is intended for the believers of us. 

The faerie folk. 

Come, take a walk with me through the ancient dusty road where many a creature have fallen by the wayside. Too many to count.

My questions are the same as yours. Who are we? What are we? Why are we here? 

I’ve heard of old Gods, I try to communicate with them but nothing. I leave offerings in holy places of the ancients, I’ve searched the length and breadth of the land. Nothing.

My name is Dearthel, Changeling Prince of the Fairy folk. I am the joining bridge between our worlds.

I was human for 17 years as a boy named Fergal, I lived and breathed the mortal life. I lived with my six brothers and my surrogate father, I often visit them but I’m never visable.  I know they are kept well by my fellow folk.

They still await my return. Never believing that I perished.  Oh I was so happy there in that little village.

Until an encounter with Conarght of the gold under that Hawthorne tree, that day changed my destiny forever.
Eventually I got involved with the other crowd. I was hunted after escaping the banshee when I was a newborn, my mother released a pure magic to keep me safe. When my true nature was revealed the banshee was after my blood.

But alas.

After the destruction of the Red Banshee a year ago, I had a thirst for knowledge, an unquenchable desire to know where we came from and for our genealogy. It was consuming me.  I need answers that Conarght had.
My mother worried about me getting involved with Conarght again. But I needed answers as he had been around longer than us.

I asked the devil Leprechaun to help me.

Conarght of course was closed off in body and spirit, it took alot of persuading. Day after day I would visit and plead. Stubborn little creature he was.

I finally broke down his barrier by telling him I will make the last wish. My last wish would release him from our grasp. Although he did tempt me by telling me to wish for the knowledge. I declined, as much as I yearned to.

His story is within these volumes. Once completed he will be released.

This story is told in the words of Conarght himself.  I will write as if it were a formal interview. 

Beware, you may be mislaid and tricked along the way. Not by my words as I will write exactly what he says but just a warning to you.  Leprechauns like to fool and deceive. Always the way with this particular trickster.

Something he said to me that haunts me everyday.  Be careful what you wish for!

Many have fallen on the road of the lonely Leprechaun.  Too many to count.


2 thoughts on “Conarght of the Gold – The Beginning

  1. Ran out of replies on the last one so explored some more….our leprachaurn friend is I deeds trickster and the protagonist does tempt fate. Are these ramblings turning into s book proper or just a serialisation on here?

    Interesting stuff Dany…😊


  2. yeah definately working on making these stories into novels, these are sort of drafts on my part to see what people think. Im trying to create a little world of the faerie folk. i thank you for reading gary! watch this space.


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