Conarght of the Gold – Part 2 – The lay of the land

I walked to Erith’s house, down the little allies and avenues of this little fairy kingdom.  I changed my form to my original fairy size so I could walk.  

Little fairy folk going about their day to day life.  Rejoicing in their little ways,it always amazed me how different humans and the fairy folk were.  None of us envied anything we had or hated. 

Their was a fine balance here, I understand in the past that their were faery tribulations.  The folk had been captive of evil at one point.  But it didn’t matter now. We were at peace.

The little streets were flecked with gold and crystals of every colour. Nearly at Edith’s place, I jumped up and started to fly. The view was brilliant, the little streets giving off an amazing shine almost like a rainbow road.

I flew fast to Erith’s house.  Her wooden door fast shut.  I knocked three times and instantly the portal opened.  It was my beloved Edith, her golden hair down with little silver bows hanging on random strands.  Her golden eyes lit up when she saw me, next moment we were dancing in her living quarters in the air.

Hugging and gently kissing, we were in love. What a feeling!

Eventually our passions died and we drifted down.  The purpose of my visit. Conarght.

“How is he today?” I asked getting lost in her eyes again.

“Grumpy! As always!” She giggled.

“Well I hope he’s going to keep to his promise” I said looking towards the cellar door.

She turned my head with her gentle hand.

“He will my love” she kissed my brow “go now and see.” 

I walked to the cellar door, not quite expecting anything.  Down the dark steps I went, the light softly illuminated the cellar room.

The cellar was very wide and tall, rows and rows of casks of vintage Mead.  Delicious. 

At the very back wall, the leprechaun standing up with his front leg standing and his other leg half cocked up.  He looked like a giant to me in my current form. So I switched.  

The role was reversed in the blink of an eye.  He sneered.

He looked at me with disgust as asked him how he was.  He was bored of this cellar.  Not being able to get out at all. My mother put a force on the door of the cellar.

“Well are we going to start today?” I asked suddenly and it caught him off guard, I was never this quick to ask.  Normally it would be a little game before I asked. A battle of wills it could best be described.
“Well now, if you want to know our history.  I’ll tell ye! But it won’t bring you happiness or closure to the ailments of your mind.” He quickly glanced over at some chairs and a table then pointed.

“Shall we sit and talk your heiness?” Mocking me as always. His little red hat still over his one eye, a permanent Cheshire cat grin.

So we sat, I waved my hand and there appeared some food and stout. He jumped at the chance of food and drink, I smirked in spite of myself and he saw it. I remembered the time it was the other way when he tried to trick me through food and drink.

He was not happy, he spat out the food he was chewing.

“Oh funny now is it? Well now, I understand” he said spewing out bits of the food.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen! Cornarght you tried to trap me! Now it’s me who’s trapped you!” I quipped back.

He scowled. “Well if and when I’m released there will be hell to pay.  And ye will be my first visit my sweet Prince!”

I waved my hand non commitedly. I grew tired of his threats, he was the moment.

“So shall we begin my little Red Hat?” I was a bit impatient with him these days. “Don’t worry about that last wish, it’ll be granted!”

He sighed, bit into a piece of bread and took a long draught of his stout. He sighed.  Then he began

“If I were to start anywhere twould be on the beginning when Ireland and indeed the world were together.  Every country of Earth joined to the hip, as it were.” He stopped.  His eyes rolled up, he was looking into himself for more information.

“The whole world? One continent?” I said baffled.

“Yes, and it was better.  No rivers or seas to separate my kin or yours” he said sadly.  He carried on.

“Now, in the beginning there was endless mist from every point of the Earth. Out of the mist came the mother of our kind. A beautiful woman of beautiful designs.

She was a giant woman of fantastic proportion, so high she stood that the Mourne mountains looked like a stepping stone.  her golden hair flowing freely, blue eyes full of joy… tsk! fergal is ye would of seen her!

We asked her, as her children, where she came from.  She pointed to the ground and smiled, always smiling.  Her magic was her essence. She was mother nature incarnate.

Her name was Danu 

She created everything from the mist including our kind. Her magic was strong, all she did was grab a handful of this endless mist and create. Thats how nature was created including us.

Our mother goddess loved us and treated us greatly, then she made man kind. That’s when the great turmoil started.

Now I was a youngling when I started to communicate with my mistress, she noticed my musical ability to make men weep or rejoice.  I could entrance the feeble minded with notes.

Now me and my fellow leprechaun folk grew to hate man and his desires, so basic and trivial, we despised him.  It created a problem with our High Mistress, she wanted peace and accord.

Then the Formarians arrived.”

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