Conarght of the Gold – Part 3 – Fall from Grace

“Who are the Fomorians?” I asked politely whilst taking a sip from my stout.

“A proud race, proud indeed! Now, these beings were giants too like Danu.  The difference being Fergal that they were everything the Tuath Dé danann were not.” He stopped.

I ignored his reference to my old mortal name. He smiled and nodded his head.  Another drink of the stout.

“They were evil.  Their leader was named Partholeon and he said they came from underground below the mist.  We all met as friends at first, we were told of a place deep in the Earth where a beautiful light lived and life surrounded the light.

Pantholeon was a great leader, he scared us at first.  The sight of him! A goats head with one eye would you believe! The body of a man with the legs of a goat.  He spoke richly about our two worlds colliding and forming an everlasting alliance.  He is the father of what you would call goblins and trolls.

Now it came to be that there were to be a great council between the Tuath Dé danann and the Formarians to decide on the fate of such a truce.

And as it so happens nearly everyone alive in that day voted with their right hand as a yes.

However after the truce was summoned, we all got along great and we held a fantastic banquet.  I was chosen to play my fiddle, I played with all my heart and soul.  I made the entire crowd weep and rejoice with every tug of my bow.

So impressed was the fomarians that they gave me and my fellow leprechauns a gift each, from their own land.  The gift of gold.” He looked down at his empty cup sorrowfully. “Ah fine days they were. Where notes of music rang true and love was pure” he shook his head as if he had swallowed a bitter pill.

“So what happened to them? The fomarians?” I asked desperately. I’d never heard of them before and I eyed him with suspicion.

“Well, we would be jumping ahead there now! What I will say is that it was a long peaceful reign, and I grew to love the formarians.  Too much and so did our little group.  At court we would talk about how great it was to have them.  They lured us with their spirit and nature, I for one loved their little ways of magic.” He laughed. “Oh how they tortured men, always mankind.  They hated them as much as we! Danu was outraged when she heard of mankind being treated with contempt, men being mocked by changing appearences and giving fake dreams of wealth.  She hated it and I loved it.” A little gold tear welled up in his eye “But I loved her, my mother.”

“I can understand your hatred for mankind but it’s pretty petty to go against your own mother for that reason” I stated matter of factly.

“What would you know about it?” He snapped back, he was so angry his face flushed red, the gold tear sliding down gently. “You don’t understand anything of our nature, just a whelping king!.”

“OK but still one reason to be misled into another group.  It’s not right” I snapped straight back.

“Well maybe so, but my rebellious nature is as it is now and was back then.  The formorians never changed me and Pantholeon was like a patron saint to me.” He breathed heavily before he continued. “So it came to pass before the turmoil with mankind that Danu and Pantholeon were to be as you call it husband and wife.  For the sake of peace between the two worlds it was to be done.  Only when Danu rose up against her husband, after a long peace, over the treatment of mankind did it go sour.

So sour was the milk between the two that they began Wars across the continent.  These Wars were arguments between the two, humans waged war on the fomarian folk who tormented them.  ‘If they can torment my creations then they can face the consequences’ she told the court one day.  Pantholeon sat her down immediately.

The formarians were outraged, they left by their thousands…scheming.  It then so happened that Danu was dethroned and murdered but not by the Fomarians.  She was killed by humans.” A sadness swirled around the leprechauns eyes “I miss her”.

“The humans were pawns in the Fomorian plans. The fomarians leader Pantholeon one day stole a thread of Danus hair, and changed himself through magic to Danu.  His transformation was perfect, he was able to transform Danu into himself as she slept soundly.

He ordered the humans in that night through a secret passage in the Holy Mound and informed them in the disguise of Danu that their enemy lay asleep and needed to be slain”

Conarght was feeling low, he stood up and stretched.  His hands behind his back and his head shaking back and forth.

“I hate them, all of them!” He screamed and I saw a bitterness surround this little being “they sliced her to ribbons! Mortals tearing away at sacred flesh! Flesh never to be broken, blood never to be spilt!”

“That’s horrific! And so I assume the power went to fomarians? I can’t believe how easy it was to kill a goddess!” I was in awe of what he was telling me, this stubborn little being never wanted to talk!

“Yes, well they did have magic too those days” he replied.  He looked at me and prompted “the humans dummy!”

“So the fomarians had power over the world once she died, however her ultimate power had one last trick.  When she died her seed fell into the ground.  Every inch of her skin grew into the ground.  What happened in the next century or so was a whole crowd of people born from her death.  Mermaids, fairy folk, the good people, gnomes etcetera etcetera. The fairy folk who knew nothing of how they came to be.” He looked at me hard and asked “you know where she’s buried?”

“No” I replied not wanting to know.

“A Hawthorn tree.”

I winced.

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