Conarght of the Gold – Part 4 – I dream of Danu

“She’s still alive you know.” Conarght said breaking the silence “Danu, well not physically but I see her everywhere in nature.” 

“What would you say to her now Cornarght?” I asked sympathetically holding out a hand in friendship.  He waved it away.

“I’d tell her I chose the wrong side” he nodded his head solemnly like he was agreeing with himself. He started stroking his beard and thinking.  I waved my hand and more stout appeared.  His eyes lit up and he started to drink.

“Like the banshee” I prompted.

“No nothing like her! I owed the banshee a debt I couldn’t pay. I didn’t choose her side” his face turned angry again. “I think it best to leave it now.”

“What happened with the offspring from the Goddess?” I changed the conversation.

“Well like any child might do, they went looking for their mother.  A massive army of fairy folk scouring the country for their dead mother” he paused “they didn’t even know where they were, this great chunk of land and the massive sea surrounding it.  It took alot of learning and understanding.  Alot of them died, survival of the fittest you would say.  In the end they never found her but they found the fomarians.”

I sat there staring at the little fellow, his hat fully over his two beady eyes, he had pulled out a pipe and started smoking.

“Tis a shame that many died. These were powerful faery folk, 300 times more powerful than you are now.” He smiled menacingly “or ever will be.”

I ignored the patronising tone, I was happy to be getting information.

“The fomarians tried to deceive as they once did with us, however something in the troop of faerie folk never did trust them.  Whether it was Danus subconsciousness dwelling in every one of them or indeed their own thoughts… I’ll never know.

What happened next was that the faery folk rose up against the fomarians.  The battles were so great that the world was broken apart and mankind, faery folk and the fomarians were scattered across the continents.

There were and are 234 of my kind left in Ireland, some unknown number are scattered around the world. They have different names but essentially the same as me. Of your kin there are thousands in Ireland and again an unknown remainder cut off in other countries.

Mankind were not happy, most died through the changes on the planet.  Not having enough hindsight to stay in one place.  Some fell off the openings in the land and most drowned.  

They became a bitter people and instead of focusing on the magic they chose weapons.  Several tribes invaded each other and it’s been that way since.  I pitied them, the Fools. Now I hate them.”

He looked disgusted at me, he was wanting more stout and food.  A flick of the hand and it was replenished.

“Go on Conarght, what happened next?” I asked like a small child pleading for a story.

“Well all them invaders of other lands fell from our original life, war thirsty and confused they invented fake gods and deities.  There were a few groups who paid homage to Danu, they built enormous moments in places.

Your kind helped these believers of Danu build these monuments.  

The fomorians were absolutely furious with mankind, they decided to wage war.  These hardened demons decided to copy mankind and build boats and forge steel.  They invaded lands and took the women, fallen angels that took the daughters of mankind, they also stole most of mankind’s history and destroyed it.  Until the fairy folk aided mankind.” 

The leprechaun took a deep drink.

“Did the faery folk destroy the Fomarians?” I asked desperately.

The leprechaun looked me in the eye while still holding his drink.

“It was a bloodbath”

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