Conarght of the Gold – Part 5 – Banish the Devils

“The Fomarians were no match for the faerie folk who banished the lot of them whence they came. They forced them back home and how the world settled down.

Pantholeon was dragged by the fairies to a mound, he was still proud.  The fairies cursed him worse, with the magic bestowed upon them by their mother.

Centuries and centuries they pleaded with him to tell them of their origin. He laughed in their faces, they tortured him with all manner of things.  His one eye defiant of his captors.

Now his curse was simple, so simple!” The leprechaun chuckled to himself. 

“What did they do Conarght?”

The leprechaun was giggling now, I think the stout was having an effect. He calmed himself between the chortles and I actually joined in not knowing what the joke was.

“Well now” conarght gulped “right now, so basically they turned him into a human for all of eternity” he guffawed at the punchline.  He was making me laugh, so contagious. He snapped back into serious and scowled at me.

“You devil!” He grimaced “making me happy, no need to be happy in this tale!”

I threw my hands up and scratched my head puzzled. “OK, go on.”

“So the thing he hated the most he was changed into forever and what’s more he was banished to the middle of earth with his people.  They saw his human form and he was thrown from grace.  I hear he’s the lowest of the low now.

The great faery King Grethanel was a kind and honourable sprite, after the banishment he set about trying to unite tribes of fairy folk in Ireland.  It was with great success, humans and faery lived well.

Me and my kin were thrown to the way side, always had been.  By then we had become solitary creatures and we tempted men. We would meet up every so often for remembrance and tradition. 

Often we would trick a human into some misery. We loved how gullible and foolish they were.

The King heard of our folly centuries later and he put a curse on us.  That we would be solitary forever and never our kin should meet.  We had our ways of changing luck and one of the greatest gifts was wishes and gold.

We understood men’s greed, even from the beginning” he stopped and looked around “it’s getting late, maybe time to retire.”

“Very well I understand how taxing it is” I passed him an extra stout mug “one for the night.” He slugged it down and went to the corner.

I looked at the leprechaun and he was sleeping. Sleeping with one eye open.

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