Conarght of the Gold – Part 6 – The sleeping Leprechaun

I retired from the cellar in my other faery form, and my hopes were lifted.  This little stubborn fellow had told me alot tonight. My mind was in ribbons wondering about all he had said.

Was the truth told to me tonight? Ah, that little fellow was a nightmare, like a riddle within a riddle.

I talked deeply with Erith about it all, my soul mate believed the tale and convinced me so. I walked slowly through the fairy lights that lit up this tiny city.

I’d been here in my home for less than a year and still couldn’t believe all that had happened.  To know there were other tribes of our folk out in the world gave me hope!

I started to fly up into the sky, so natural was it to fly high and swoop and dance. As I flew up I wondered about our ancestors and how fantastic they must have been.

I flew faster towards my own little home, it was not a Palace, I didn’t feel like a Prince and needed no such wealthy estate.

I got home and my mother was waiting.

“What did the little monster tell you?” She asked not looking at me, the worried look on her face pained me.

I relayed the tale to her and her face looked relieved.  Until I came to the Fomarians and her face dropped, something about the name made her heart drop and she looked at me with sincere worry.

“I must tell Dearthel, this is the truth” she said shaking.

“However do you know mother?” I asked puzzled.

“Because I was there my love” she shook her head “I saw Pantholeon dragged down to the depths of the Earth.”

My jaw dropped, why didn’t she tell me before? I was hurt she could not say to me.

“Some things are better left in the past, I never knew of my mother.  I was the first to come and now” she paused, tears streaming down her face “I am the last.”

The little leprechaun had told the truth! I was excited and pained, bittersweet would be a better word.  I could see my mother’s pain.  I wanted to know more.

“Tell me what happened mother?” I gently said stroking her face.

“When I was “born” it was from nothingness.  I was born from magic, pure magic.  That must have been our mothers wish, I have kept quiet for hundreds of thousands of years” she wiped her tears “it’s why the banshee was after you.  She wanted you as you were born from me, an ancient. She is and was in league with the Fomarians.  She dwells neither here nor there, on the ground or below the surface.”

Angrily she shook “damn that little fool Conarght!” 

“It’s OK mother, I’ve seen a side to him I’d never seen.  The imp has shown me emotions I’d never seen!” I looked seriously into her eyes “he cried!”

“Means nothing to me, you know he was the one that told the banshee where you were, he made me lose out on a long time with you”

She was right, damn him! The years to fairy folk are slower than the human life.  A day here is like a year there, so to my mother she was waiting at least a thousand in her time. 

Thinking of the banshee gave me the shivers, that cold black aura surrounding it like black ice.  Not worth bearing to think about.

“Son, the banshee was a Fomarian!” She looked scared “Don’t you see! We are not safe, they will come back.  The banshee will doom us all! She’s probably told him all”

I looked at her, my heart dropped.

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