Conarght of the Gold – Part 7 – Flight of the Leprechaun

I had a sleepless night, my eyes tried to close but when they did all I could see were wretched images of the Banshee.  I tossed and turned in bed, almost feverish.

When I woke up early I flew quite literally to Eriths house.  Edith was still asleep but I opened the door and rushed straight to the cellar door.  I walked down the steps and saw the leprechaun still in the same place, with the same one eye open whilst dreaming.

I woke him up.

“Get up! Much much more to discuss!” I demanded he tell me more.

Conarght was up like a flash and running towards me, he put his little hands at my neck and pushed me to the wall.

“NEVER DEMAND ANYTHING OF ME!” His voice was full of venom.  Then he grinned like the devil.  He let go of me then started pacing up and down with his hands behind his back.

I rubbed my neck, amazed at how powerful he was, the little creature was pacing faster and faster.  He didn’t like showing emotion, he was breathing heavily and muttering to himself.

What was this little fellow thinking?

He stopped abruptly.  “Pantholeon is still around you know.  He was banished for a long time, even when Danu appeared to an English King in a great lake” he looks at me wanting me to acknowledge.

“He was banished before the murder of Danu?” I was starting to see there was a mystery unravelling.

He flicked his hand as if dismissing my theory.  He tutted loudly, he took his pipe out and concentrated his look at me.  He blew an O smoke ring.

“I loved her you know.  I ressurected her.  Well I say ressurect, not quite.  An image of her you would say, she has dabbled in the history of the world.” He blew another several O rings.

“So she’s still around?” My mind was ripping over itself.

“Yes! You fool!” He hissed “but not as you think, she comes when needed. When Arthur needed direction she was there, when Finn McCool needed knowledge she gave it and when the ancient druids needed ritual she shown them.

The thing is Fergal, I loved her.  She was my wife!” He growled.

I gasped.

“I am Pantholeon!” He exclaimed “and if you do not release me I will slaughter your people, I will burn down your world with the fire of a thousand sun’s”.

I panicked, was it really Pantholeon? I studied the little one carefully, his eyes burning with fire. He looked convincing.

“Wait a second! You would say anything to get released, how can I trust you?” I paused to see his face change to dumbfounded, I continued “what proof do you have?”

This made him chuckle, he was really grating on me now. He was always switching emotions, it was hard to keep up.

“You’re right, I have no proof. But I can show you.” He put his finger to my head.

Immediately I closed my eyes and my spirit was carried down into an underworld.  My spirit dropped throbs mounds and mounds of dirt until it fell to some spiritual plane.

The world had a huge green grass ring and the sky was the purest blue, a giant orb was in the centre revolving.  

I saw in the distance some goblins fighting, they were hissing and snarling. I only noticed them at first but behind them, further in the distance were millions.

An army of creatures.

Cornarght was with me as well in this spirit world.

“Don’t worry they can’t hear you but I’ve to show you something” he said to me.

“Come! Follow me!” He ran into the distance.

I followed.

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