Conarght of the Gold – Part 8 – The revelation

I ran with Conarght towards the mass of otherworldly creatures. As I ran I noticed the grotesque minions, they disgusted me and the vibe of hatred emanating from them was nauseating. 

They carried broadsword and shields, the evil oozing from their eyes.  We carried on running, through the green grass. “Come on! I want you to see!”

We sped past unnoticed by the masses of the army. Until we came to a monument of some description, tall it was in the form of a humanoid.  I looked carefully at it, it was absolutely massive.  The body of a man with cloven hooves, when I looked up it had the head of a goat with one eye.  It was a statue of Pantholeon.

I gasped but was urged on by Conarght, we ran past it and ended up outside a massive temple structure. We went inside this golden structure.

When I got in what I saw was impressive, massive busts of all sorts of creatures.  A woman with snakes in her hair, a dragon and many others.  All on opposite sides of a path.  I felt their eyes on me as we ran.

Conarght was ahead of me, this hall seemed to go on forever.  Then we came to the top of some stairs, I looked down and saw an auditorium.  Thousands of people surrounded a stage, a semi circle of jeering souls. 

On the stage were four figures surrounding a chair, in the chair sat a being, the description matched that of Pantholeon.

“We are ready Sire to go up into the world!” One of the figures yelled, the crowds cheered.

“Ready for the war!” Another said.

The crowd screamed! It hurt my ears the noise of them, until the seated figure put a hand up. The crowd silenced.

“We shall go up! But peaceful, we must otherwise we will be cast down here yet again.” Pantholeons voice boomed.

The crowd cursed and jeered at these words.  

“Come up here if you defy me!” The leader was standing now. A giant compared to the rest of them.  The crowd shied away. “I must create union before we release havoc and chaos in that world” he continued.

The crowded room laughed, hissed and spat in joy.  How easily led they were. 

Conarghts face was sad, he looked tortured.  He saw me glancing and changed completely, the mask back on. He grumbled, then put his finger on my forehead again.

A flash of searing light.

We moved from that place to a familiar area.  I saw a young Hawthorne tree, I saw a beautiful giant woman, it was Danu.  She had hair the colour of the sun and her skin colour was almost transparent.  She knelt by this Hawthorne tree as if were a twig, she put her hands gently on it and whispered words.

The Hawthorne tree began to bear fruit and she smiled.

I couldn’t stop looking at her, how beautiful and fair she were.  Her blue gown mixing in with the blue sky.  It was almost like she were the sky.

“Danu!” Thundered a voice and I saw a hoofed man running towards her “my love!” Said the one eyed pantholeon.

“Yes my love?” Danu replied sweetly. She stood up and embraced him.

“My creatures are growing impatient with mankind, they are starting to revolt” he exclaimed “I may have to destroy them”

“Do not Pantholeon! I am trying to help them, do not destroy. Teach.” She pointed at the Hawthorne tree.

“Danu, you do not understand. It’s in their blood to revolt.” His giant hand shook the little tree, I felt the roots crunch.  “Let me destroy them, I do not want to go back home.”

A black hooded figure looked upon the two giants, it saw the Hawthorne tree and dissapeared.

“They won’t harm you while I am here Pantholeon and they cannot harm me.  Unless I’m sleeping.” She looked at him and laughed merrily “you needn’t worry”.

They play fought for a while, two giants frolicking in the grass. Until they lay together side by side. The two were in love, I could tell.

Conarght looked at me.

“Nothing is as it seems Fergal!” He shook his head “no matter how dark a heart is…if it has love it has light”

The two giants started to sleep in the fields, Conarght and I sat beside them.

“For centuries, possibly millennia we were together.” He said sadly.

“Are you really Pantholeon?” I asked sincerely.  I didn’t know what I was asking.

“All in good time” he put his finger to my forehead and we were back to the auditorium.

This time a human sitting beside that chair.  He was miniscule to that chair.

The four figures still there.

“Here is your King Pantholeon!” One of them said “and here is his punishment!”

The figure put his hand above Pantholeon, the other three mimicked the gesture, magic formed in the hands.  Darkness engulfed the human, so thick it was that no inch was visible.

“The king was tall!  Well now he’s small!” The figure exclaimed. “I call upon the banshee!”

The blackness dissipated and there in the obliteration stood Conarght.  Just as I see him now!  He looked a pitiful sight.  I saw a black figure floating slowly towards him.  The banshee was at the stage, she took off her cloak and presented herself.

It was the redheaded woman that Conarght had banished from our home.

“Take him banshee! To the Hawthorne tree!”

Conarght grimaced.

The first time I’d seen him grimace about that Hawthorne tree.

It was the first time I’d realised the tragedy of that tree.

The banshee put her cloak on, grabbed the small figure and floated upwards.

Conarght sadly put his finger to my forehead.

“Time to go”

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