Conarght of the Gold – Part 9 – The Confession

We were back in the cellar staring at each other.  I was gobsmacked at the images that I’d seen.  Conarght was pacing again.

“Where are they?” I asked him.

“Who?” He replied absent mindedly.

“The Fomarians! That army! Where are they? Are we safe?” I quickly replied.

The leprechaun looked at me dumbfounded. “Well, you’ve been fine for milleniums, they’ve never returned. The problem they have is that they don’t know how to find the way to here.  They’ll never know unless I tell them.  The banshee is the only powerful thing that can get through.” He looked into my eyes sincerely “because she’s undead.”

I was relieved that we were safe. 

The leprechaun stopped pacing, a little grin appeared on his face. “So fergal I’ve told you my tale straight and true, now, can you please make that third wish?”

I was thinking about it and then I took hold of my senses.  What if he lied about it all?  What if he would go straight back to this world?  The images were impressive but I couldn’t be sure, not with Conarght.

“Conarght” I started tactfully, his grin turned to malice “I may have to keep you longer, I need a clear head.”

At this the leprechaun went into rage, he kicked and screamed at everything he could get his hold on.  He went berserk and started cursing and shouting at me.  A permanent scowl on his face, I had my answer.

I would never know unless I wished it.

He stopped and looked at me.

“Then wish!! Wish for whatever it is you want!” He yelled “I want free of this wretched place.”

I walked away from him and screeching continued.  I wanted nothing more to do with him, he was a riddle I wasn’t meant to solve.

He was our prisoner for years to come, I visited him often at the start.  He would tell me of tales about warriors he’d met and quests he’d helped on. But always every visit came the wish.  Eventually he gave up talking, unfortunately I stopped visiting.

But one day around 100 years or so, I was walking with my mother through the woods when we came to that Hawthorne tree.

On each side of the tree stood figures I’m black cowls.  The same from the visions of Pantholeon.

Our world was in danger.

They were coming.

They were here!

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