Last of the Leprechauns

So we went to a quaint little town just south of the Northern Irish border, 8 miles south to be exact.  Its weird to know that we can cross two countries and not have checks etc.

We were travelling from near Belfast to Co.Louth. A beautiful scenic drive that’s ruined by maniac drivers not paying attention to the road.

We arrived in Carlingford at 11:58 and I tried to find a parking space to our destination.  We found it eventually. I noticed a large Leprechaun statue pokin his head from the hedge.

We were greeted by Kevin, a Leprechaun Whisperer outside the shop of Last Of The Leprechauns! He told me if I were looking for leprechauns that I need to look at the ground because I’d run them over.

So we bundled out of the car and into the shop.  My daughter being grumpy as she’d spent an hour in the back bored as a fairy without wings.  However, her eyes lit up when Kevin said to her to come take a leprechaun, choose wisely he said.

She chose the Common Sense Leprechaun out of the 30 or so figures.  So once we got the little figure we bundled up the stairs covered in fake grass.

When we got to the top we were greeted with a number of wooden chairs.  When we all sat down the Leprechaun Whisperer took his place on a big wooden chair.

“Now, who believes in Leprechauns?” He asked, he reminded me of a grandfather telling a tale.  All that was missing was a book, slippers and a wee pipe sticking out his gob.

We all stuck our hands up to confirm why we were there.  Kevin began his tale.

“Now, I’m what they call a Leprechaun Whisperer” he started “and I have seen leprechauns, now what happened was there was a loud scream on the mountain! And the person who heard this scream was the owner of the pub P J Ohare, who’s since passed.”

“And so he went to investigate where the scream happened on the Foy mountain, and what he saw was a piece of scorched earth and a little green suit and hat.  What he found in the suit were 4 gold coins!”

I was loving this tale, and Kevin really made it better.

“It came to be that I took possession of the coins after PJ OHare passed over.  One day whilst I was walking up the mountains with my dog, I saw three leprechauns!  Now when I saw them I was frozen and the dog was too!  We were frozen whilst looking at them!”

He imitated being frozen.  His eyes rolled up to the heavens and he went stiff as a board and it seemed forever when he did.

A few giggles from the kids.

He relaxed and carried on with the tale.

“The leprechauns disappeared under a rock and I was unfrozen.  So I went home and wondered whether to tell anyone about this.  I got home and it transpired that I’d been gone a long time!”

His tale was really believable, I’m skeptical but the child in me desperately craves for these things to be true.

“I became a believer in the Leprechauns and what I started to do was lobby a case to protect the wee folk.  We were successful and right now there is protection for the wee folk through the EU.

I also set up a leprechaun hunt in the mountains.  If anyone could catch a leprechaun to prove their existence, there were four toy leprechauns in the mountains with 1000 pounds under each.

I sold leprechaun hunting licences for 10 pounds.  The mountains were covered with people, they had nets and leprechaun traps, you name it.

Now, I’ve been told by a leprechaun that there are 236 of them left and the millions that died were because people stopped believing in them.

I was able to talk to the wee folk because one of the four gold coins enables me to see and talk with them.”

The tale ended in this wee room, and we preceded to the underground fairy cavern. He shown us all manner of things and tales.

There was much more said but I’ll leave it to your imagination and if you visit.

I highly recommend this place.

If you’re skeptical like me you will still enjoy it and get lost in the magic.

Enjoy The Last of the Leprechauns at 1a Gran Road, Carlingford, Co.Lough, Ireland.

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