The Curse of the village -part 2-the cove

Rory woke up, his head ringing. He rubbed his head and felt a swollen lump.  He was in a dark damp place.  He searched for his flash light desperately.  It was gone. A sliver of moonlight streamed from a crack above.  A lifeline.

“You’ll never find it” a voice boomed out of the darkness. He could make out two yellow eyes blinking, then sharp white teeth. “Your magic light beam.”

“Who are ye?” Rory asked.

The creature smiled, Rory reckoned he might have been about three foot tall from the proportion of his teeth from the ground.  He rubbed his head again.

“Right now, I’m the closest to a friend you have! See up there” a furry hand silhouette pointed up “the goblins are having a meeting on how to eat you.”

Rory was terrified, never before had he expected this to happen.

“Don’t be afraid young ‘un!” The creature held out an item, his flashlight “I am a friend, do you trust me?”

Rory grabbed the light and turned it on, the small room illuminated and he saw his “friend” for the first time.  A goblin, but different to the others.  Same fur but cleaner, and his hair was in braids.

The creatures yellow eyes narrowed from the bright light.

“I’m going to help you, but when I do I beg you to tarry for a little while.  Do you agree?” The goblin put his hand out in friendship.

Rory had no choice but nodded his head and said yes.  He took the hand of friendship, the goblin smiled and uttered a few words.

Immediately Rory began to shrink, the ground was getting closer and closer while the goblin was getting taller and taller.

The process had finished and the goblin put his hand down to pick Rory up.  Shaken, Rory was petrified. The world was big and it just got a whole lot bigger.

The giant goblin hand scooped him up like he was a fly, very gently the goblin put Rory in his fur and hurried off out the room.  The creature went up and down underground hills and around corners until he came out above ground.  Rory heard shouting and cursing in the distance.

“Roast the pipsqueak!” A voice said “grind him to dust and flavour some deer with it” said another. Rory keep hidden in the fur of this goblin.

Silence happened when this creaturr came close to the others.

“The prisoner is gone!” He announced and the six or seven goblins started howling.  They shook their fur with rage and howled like wolves.  A crescendo of noise that hurt Rory’s tiny ears.

He recoiled deep into the goblin fur that smelt musty.  The howling stopped, the creatures started talking.  Rory slowly edged forward to put his head out.

“He is an outsider, Margyle. He’s…hes…tasty” said a red furred goblin licking it’s lips.  Sharp teeth bared.

The one named Margyle slowly put his hand up.  “We will not be eating him, nor shall we chase him” 

“Drats!” Said another one in annoyance and started pounding his fists on the ground.  “Why? All we have is rats to eat, I’m tired of skinny rotten rats.”

Margyle walked slowly away, Rory climbed the fur to the top of the goblins head.  They were out of sight from the little clan of goblins.

“Why have you saved me?” He asked.

Margyle s eyes turned from a dark yellow into a soft white glow.  He smiled.

“How could I kill my own kind?” Margyle slowly nodded his head.

“A long time ago I was human, come!” He sadly gestured to a hole “I’ll tell you all about it, then you will need to complete a task for me.”

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