The Curse of the village – Part 3-the secret goblin

Rory was carried swiftly down a hole and through tunnels.  Up and down underground hills, he would never have been able to get through this in his normal size.

Margyle ran fast for miles underground, it was so dark that Rory could not see anything in front.  Eventually Rory felt the goblin come to a halt.

“Here we are little one” Margyle hand searched his fur for Rory, he grabbed him gently and put him down on the soft dirt.

Margyle waved his hands and a light glow appeared around the small alcove they were standing in.  Rory looked around and saw various pots, pans and what looked like books.  There was one chair and a straw bed in the corner.  Close by was a little river and above that some tree roots.  Massive tree roots that continued down through the river bed.

Margyle grunted as he sat down and beckoned Rory to lie down on the straw bed.

“I’ll tell you what happened my little friend” he slowly spoke “as I said I would need you to do a small task.”

Rory nodded, not knowing what it would entail.

“So about 200 years or so I was changed into this form you see now.  I was a young man, engaged and ready to settle.  It was all arranged until the woman I was in love with…” his tone was sorrowful “AM in love with…she is a witch or was…her beauty knew no bounds.”

Rory was starting to guess what the task would entail.  Margyle continued.

“Oh Rory! If you had seen her! Hair of the blackest night, well it was until she used her magic on me.  You see I found out she was a witch and I confronted her.  I caught her in a ritual. She was enraged to be found out, her arrogance over rode her love for me. ”

He looked at the tree roots sadly, they twinkled from the light of the alcove.

“She turned me into this form, she knew of a tribe of goblins. The ones up there! And she asked them to take me in. She laughed as I went with them, yelling to me that she would play the grieving bride to the best of her ability. Days went by when I thought she’d changed her mind or at least see me.  She never came back and I hated her but I still loved her.  Meanwhile In the goblin world it’s total warfare, I fought with them everyday and I survived. I killed Frengal the Dogfighter in my first month and I am now a Chief Warrior in this tribe.  My name is Margyle the Red and I am a goblin. I am consigned to my fate.  Now the task of Marghartha.”

He pointed to the roots of the tree.

“My love, the witch Marghartha is in the tree there, it is a Hawthorne tree so be careful! I’ve heard that Conarght of the Gold has her imprisoned somewhere deep in the heart’

Rory pulled his head up.

“Why would you free her?” He asked “even after what she dId to you?”

“Well my love for her is still there but it’s deeper than that…I’m giving her something she did not offer me.” Margyle was tearing up.

Rory looked at him puzzled.

“Freedom!” Margyles tears flew freely.

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