The Curse of the village – Part 4-The Illuminated Path

“I’ll give you a few things to take” Margyle said as he sat musing, his hand to his lips.  He was deep in thought. Almost in meditation.

He snapped his fingers and a potion appeared, a potion that was tiny. “This is for her, I’ve had this a long time.  You must get her to drink it! It has properties to make her smaller than you, so small she can fit in your pocket.” He paused “we’re going to have to make you invisible! Oh and that potion..she will lose her magic.  Do not mention that!” He flicked his hand.

“You are invisible now. Conarght of the Gold will not disturb you, he’s not been seen in 60 years, some believe him dead” Margyle scratched his head.

“Why do I need to be invisible Margyle?” Rory looked up at the giant goblin.

“Because inside that tree are creatures of the darkest colour of magic! Best keep your wits, you can sleep before hand. I’m sure one night would do her no harm” the goblin looked at the tree roots, he imagined her face staring out at him. He shook his head abruptly. He loomed at the straw bed, Rory had fallen asleep.

Margyle smiled. Then turned back to the tree and studied paths for his new friend to climb.  He uttered a few words of magic and a little thin light illuminated up and around the tree roots.

A pathway for little Rory to climb.

Rory was having the best sleep, dreamt of his parents and treasure.  He awoke refreshed and content. As he rose he stretched and yawned.

It dawned on him where he was, back in that little alcove. His happiness fell off like wet clothes. Margyle was nowhere to be seen, he saw a little writing on the floor illuminated by light.

“Go on Rory to the tree, climb there and set her free!”

Rory shook his head, the last of the sleepiness fading away.  He grabbed the tiny potion and went on his way.

He travelled through the cave by a little light on the ground. Margyle must have left this trail he imagined, it took him all the way to the underground river.  A small piece of wood lay on the river bed.  Enough for him to sit on, he used his hands to row.

The wood floated softly towards the hawthorn tree, he could see the light trailing up the tree.  His path to free the witch.

He felt like an ant in this world, so small and fragile.

He was at the tree, time to go.

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