Curse of the village – part 6-The Vikings Vengence

“He can’t break through Rory!” Margyle voiced echoed.  Rory had fumbled to the ground perspiring, a hand gripping his torch like death.  It was covered in fluid from the giant eye.  Metal chipping at the wall relentlessly, his head hurting.

He got up, every chop of that Viking sword sent a chill crushing down his spine.  

“Then where do I go Margyle?” Rory yelled, the chopping stopped.  Margyle pointed calmly to a small hole on Rory’s right-side.

The hole was just right for his to walk in.  He put the light on, thank god he brought it tonight.  He surveyed the hole and was amazed at what he saw. A small hole it was but inside was a huge cavern stretching high and wide, several paths leading this way and that.

 Jewels and crystals sticking out of the cavern, the light bouncing through it all.
He was dismayed when he saw several paths leading off the main path.  He sat by the entrance wondering what to do.  He suddenly remembered his notebook and pen.  It was in his back pocket, he drew it out and started scribbling and doodling the paths.  His torch going up and down the tunnel for accuracy.

He was happy with the drawing and decided to try the first path on his left, his torch scanned the tunnel and it was empty so he walked down it, for about 30 minutes or so he had no encounters and was ready to head back.

Then he heard laughter and merriness.  Intrigued, he went further.  A glow of light around the corner, his torch turned off.  He was about to turn the corner, that soft glow becoming more brilliant.

He peeked around the corner and saw a massive room, he saw people dancing and singing.  The place was beautiful, many rows of seats and tables full of food.  The women sat on knights laps and jesters pranced around.  There was a huge throne at the end of the room.

A giant to Rory, or a normal sized person sat there.  It was a king, Rory noted by the crown atop his head.  

His eyes looked around the room with annoyance. Cold eyes that struck his spine deeper than the Viking sword.

The King stood up and held his hand to silence the music.  The music stopped immediately.

“Who are you all?? You do not live by me!” The king bellowed.  “I hate you all!”

With that the king took his broadsword and cleaved his way through the hall.  His eyes were still cold, he didn’t look passionate even through the massive swings.  He wasn’t exhausted, he wasn’t showing emotion, he was just killing these people as if he were bored.

There was blood everywhere, people screaming and yelling to stop. Not one knight took his sword up to fight. Rory was horrified at the scene, he couldn’t look.  The king finished once the last person slid of his broadsword.

He went back to his throne and sat in the same posture Rory saw him in. 

The blood emptied from the floor and the people that had died rose up and began laughing and dancing once more.  The king looked on with those emotionless eyes.

A beautiful lady went to his side and whispered in his ear.  The king let out a sigh and stood up.

Again he put his hand up and the music ended.

“People of Dal nAraidi, your High King Buile Shuibhne has just been informed that Magnus Barefoot has been alerted to an intruder amongst us.” At that moment a massive thump, then continuously on the door.

The king looked annoyed to be interrupted.  “Open the gates!” He bellowed.

Some knights rushed to the door and unbarred it, massive timbers removed that required four knights on each side. The door slowly opened, a familiar scrape on the floor.

The Viking Magnus slowly emerged through the portal.  He approached slowly and his footfall echoed through the chamber.  his helmet had ornamental wings sat atop, piercing eyes under the rim.  his tall stature and muscular build made him look quite formidable.

He stood before the king, his sword by his hand.

“Intruder. Beware” the Viking said pointing to his eye, his broken English tearing through the atmosphere.

“What does he look like invader?” The king asked 

The Viking shrugged and proceeded to hold out his hand.  His finger and thumb slowly going down to show a description of the size.

The king laughed at Magnus, mocking him for his description.  Magnus took offence and he replied with a sword straight through the Kings heart. The Viking turned to the hall.

“Kill intruder! Beware!” Pointing at his eye. he glanced around the hall pointing.

Rory was horrified that he was being hunted.  Who the hell were these people? And what did he have to do?

His thoughts were broken when the king resurrected, his mortal wound healed instantly and he told the Viking to leave. the Viking did not flinch and the king took his broadsword and waved it around.  He then sat on his throne confident that Magnus got the message. he sat in that same posture and the Viking left dragging that sword down the stone floor.

Rory knew there had to be something to this room, what was it?  He just wanted to get out of here.  away from the horrible scene.  the door slammed with great force.  

Rory heard a voice, a female, inside his mind.

“Come away from the mad king! he is tortured forever, leave him be!”

startled Rory looked around to see someone but there was nothing.  Rory obeyed and ran back to the main path.

There she was in the middle of the path, a beautiful blonde woman with the bluest eyes.  She dwarfed Rory in stature. She was smiling at Rory and he was at peace.

“who are you??” he asked.

“I’m Danu”

Rory stood puzzled.  who the hell was she?

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