Curse of the Village – Part 9-The Tables Have Turned

The witch released her grasp, she saw the small opening from where Rory came. Her eyes narrowed then looked back at the small Rory.

“Are you from outside this…this…place?” She looked around at the white room “yes, yes you must be!”. She started to sniff Rory, Rory grimaced as the nose came down.

“Stop it Marghartha!” He screamed.

She instantly stopped, her head went back up and tilted to the side “how on earth do ye know me name imp?”

Rory stood up in her palm, he brushed himself off and puffed his chest out.

“I’m here to free you! Stop sniffing and treating me like a toy if you want out!” Rory searched around his body looking for the potion to give. He couldn’t find it, in fact he couldn’t remember taking it. He groaned, had all this been in vain?

“Hold on witch, I will be back soon!” Rory needed to get the potion, he could use the Guardian he supposed. Possibly to go back to Margyle.

The witch did not let go, she was suspicious. Her eyes narrowed even more.

“Listen, I need to make you smaller! So you can fit through that hole!” He pointed at the small black portal.

“Very well imp, I’ve nothing to lose. Go!!!”

Rory leapt down from the lowered hand and ran straight through the portal. How foolish he seemed! He got to the Guardian on the other side and told him he wanted to go to Margyle.

The Guardian yawned and twitched his eyes, a portal next to the old one appeared. He walked through.

There Margyle was in his little cove, the only thing is that he was looking from high in the tree.

“MARGYLE!!!” Rory yelled at the top of his chest, no answer. It was a long way down and Rory had no idea what to do.

Just then a finger long and slender poked out of the hole and hooked Rory in. He was scared, he was pulled straight through. He needn’t have worried as that finger belonged to the hand of Danu.

The guardian stared at her in awe, he watched every moment with intense glaring. He was speechless that she had come.

She stood there smiling, Rory told her of his plight and how foolish he’d been. Danu smiled all the while and her blue eyes bore sympathy and love.

At the end of his story she nodded and flicked her hand. Two potions appeared. “Here” danu offered “one potion that is Margyles intended for the witch. The other is from my own concoction. Give it to her.” She smiled broadly, Rory looked at the potions but they were massive.

He looked at Danu exasperated to which danu giggled quite loudly. She flicked her hand again and the potions shrunk smaller. They got small enough that Rory could hold both under his arms comfortably.

“Everyone deserves a second chance, Rory” danu smiled and rubbed his head lovingly “be safe, and be as quick as you can!” She lowered her hand and Rory went through to the witch.

She was waiting for him and she was angry.

“What took you so long, Imp?” She screamed.

Rory had to sit down, this was too much. He was absolutely shattered, so tired beyond the point of exhaustion. The witch advanced and saw the two potions. She narrowed her eyes and grabbed both potions between her thumb and finger.

“These mine?” She asked not paying attention to Rory. Rory was fast asleep, the witch shrugged and took the potions both at once.

Suddenly the witch was covered in multicoloured swirls of mist, from light shades of colour to dark.

Her transformation complete she approached Rory with caution.

The witch was extremely small and vulnerable.

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