A Little Bit About Grieving

My Nan passed away 2 days ago, Saturday 24th 2016 at 3:15. Sounds official, sounds final. At this current time with tears in my eyes i write with heartache and pain. Grief can be overwhelming but we must not forget that life is for living. Its to be cherished, all to often we take things […]

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Controversial Racial Post!

OK I’ve had it with them, warts and all. I’m sick of the flipping looting, pillaging, gangs of gits who promote violence, I’m sick of the murders and the cannabilastic traits they’ve been known for since men arrived on here. I’m sick of the whole “race card” when they lunge at me or push me […]

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A Goblin Called Gloop

Gloop was not your everyday goblin, his bulbous nose stood out like an orange on his face with glooping snot hanging from it pretty much always. Hence his name, Gloop! you dummy! His little black beady eyes sat atop the massive nose and blinked every few seconds, little yellow pupils in the centre. These little […]

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