The Trolley Ghost

Kaje was a worker at Sunrays Bins, a local supermarket where the happiest customers often shopped.  So happy that they screamed, ranted and argued with incredible joy!  Kaje was a happy go lucky kind of guy who always had a smile on his chops.  He would often help little old ladies with their shopping whilst […]

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Clumsy Daddy (A Bedtime Story)

Clumsy Daddy woke up with a start. *BANG* “Oooh my noggin!” He said clutching his head after banging it from the window sill over his bed. *TWEET TWEET HEE HEE* Laughed the birds.  Clumsy Daddy decided to roll out of bed. *THUMP!* He landed on the floor with a thump.  He groaned as the birds […]

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