Serial Ire

The stranger watched her from across the train, the beautiful woman’s face was engrossed in a book entitled “The Lambeg Incident”.  The dark night from the window illuminated her beauty, the occasional strike of light from outside bounced off her soft hair.

His dark beady eyes looked from under his blue cap, his coat had many secrets as it was a long overcoat.  It looked filthy.  His brown hair greasy and scruffy while his little green eyes gazed hungrily at this woman.

The stranger noticed the way her long brown hair flowed freely as if it moved of its own accord.  Almost like he was gazing upon a beautiful medusa, her bright blue eyes piercing every page of her book.

Her bright red lipstick that complimented her genetic make-up and the slow rises of her chest were noticeable to this man sitting far away.

The stranger felt agitated at how beautiful she was, how easy it was for her to move through the world without problem.  He loved her and he hated her.

The bell went off to indicate the next stop was approaching, the beautiful woman swiftly closed her book, grabbed her brown bag and put it in.  She glanced around as to find her exit, she stood up and walked towards the nearest door.  She was coming towards the stranger.

She saw him, she smiled a faint smile.

He gave a crooked smile back, awkward and less beautiful.  As she went past she dropped her bag, as she bent down she revealed her top body.  Her breasts were in full view of the stranger, he looked lustful and the woman caught him at the last moment. 

She pulled up embarrassed, her face a deep shade of red.  Turning her back to the door she couldn’t wait to get out.  The stranger was behind her now, she knew it and could feel his breath on her neck.  He was hunting and she was his victim, the train wasn’t full but she wanted off. 

The doors opened and she rushed off, the stranger calmly walked off and saw her go the opposite direction.  He smiled as he looked at his watch.  23:56.

He walked out the other direction of the platform and found the exit.  He waited there until this woman realised her error.  The London air was warm and stagnant, the rubber from tyres could be smelt for miles as well a the fish from the markets.

A cigarette burning as a lone candle in this cosmopolitan jungle, the animals slept as this predator roamed.  He looked at his watch after a while 00:13.

Just then he heard the lone steps of the woman, her high heels echoeing through the tunnel.  He hid beside the entrance near some empty boxes.

The woman emerged and walked a few steps, she lit a cigarette and took a few deep draws.  The stranger revealed a crowbar he had concealed in his coat.  He walked calmly behind the woman and smacked her over the head with the bar.  A solid crack was heard and the woman was down.

Her bag dropped to the floor and out spilled the contents, her blood spilling out and through the contents.  Her book seeped up blood like a mop, the killer bent down and took the book in his hand.  He read a paragraph at random and chuckled silently.  He dropped the crowbar and left the scene with the book.

He muttered “lust of the bust turns to dust”.  He silently walked away without anyone or anything noticing the killer.

The victim lay face down, her pretty face drenched in blood.  Eyes wide open in an amazed expression, the glimmer of a soul eradicated. 

Such a pretty face…gone. gone forever.

┬áThe Trolley Ghost : Part 2

Kaje jumped out of his skin when jonny jumped out of nowhere.

“God damn it jonny!” He said exasperated, his face turned from shock to anger. Jonny stared whilst smiling goofily.  A group of customers at Sunrays Bins started to stare.

There’s that crazy trolley fella at it again they thought.  Kaje face turned red, embarrassed. Jonny continued to stare goodly then he broke the silence.

“Well you did crush me to death with the trollies!” Jonny smiled “what’s a little surprise between two friends?” With this Jonny faded into nothingness leaving Kaje alone.

Just as Kaje was about to get back to work the manager of Sunrays Bins came running out, her long blonde locks flowing behind her as she ran towards Kaje.  He saw her in slow motion running, she stopped running and approached Kaje.

“Kaje!!! Customers are complaining again of you talking to yourself!” Her blue eyes looked worried “are you Ok?”

As soon as she finished Jonny came out of nowhere and yelled at the top of his lungs “BOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Kaje screamed in terror, the manager fell back nearly losing her feet. She looked at Kaje worried “take rest of the day off Kaje”.

Jonny was blowing raspberries and shouting obscenities at Kaje.  Kaje had to shout over Jonny noise as he couldn’t concentrate properly.

“BUT I’M OK LEANE!” He shouted, the manager was looking a bit cross as he was shouting and there were customers watching.  Jonny continued calling over his shouting “I’VE JUST BEEN…UNDER..A..BIT OF…STRESS!” 

Leane pulled Kaje to the side and whispered angrily in his ear “Listen you wee gobshite don’t ever, ever shout at me in front of customers.  I don’t let anyone talk to me like that, not even my girlfriend!” She paused and thought for a moment “have a fucking day off, I understand the pressures of moving trolleys and the problem you have dealing with the death of that young man.  Just have a fucking day off!”

She pulled away and looked him in the eye “have a fucking day off!”.

She walked back to the store or rather stomped.  Jonny was still ranting and yelling.  

“Shut the fuck up dead guy!” Kaje quietly said so that no one could hear him but Jonny.  Jonny stopped immediately and lunged at Kaje but fell through Kajes body. Kaje sniggered in spite of himself, jonnys face was a grimace.  Pure hatred was on his face. 

“RIGHT! before I go…and thank you for the day off my friend…i want to set some ground rules.” Kaje had had enough and was determined in his course of conversation.

“You cannot leave far away from this” he pointed at the trolley “so what I will do if you carry on is just abandon the trolley, if it comes back it will be left! We are stuck in this predicament.”

Jonny interrupted “because of You!”

Kaje continued through gritted teeth “be that as it may…i will not be dealing with this the way you want. Who would talk to you if I were gone?  No one would stay in the job long enough!” Jonny mouth was open in shock.

So with the quiet conversation finished he left Sunray Bins and went home and relaxed.  He was having a nice time with a chilled beer and some pizza when a rap at the door.

He opened the door, an empty trolley.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Jonny jumped out of nowhere.  Kaje jumped, his beer bottle flying through the air, his pizza thrown straight up.  Kaje fell to the floor in a heap, the pizza landing neatly on his head with a plop.

Jonny rolled around on the floor laughing and roaring.

This meant war, oh yes, it was on!