Warlords : The Queen of Shards – PART 2

The fierce roar of the crew of the Queensbane echoed along the empty sea.  Only the seagulls who flew heard along with the enemy.

Captain Banobany leapt with mighty courage as the bowsprit touched the enemy vessel.  She screeched and howled as enemies rushed towards her but she danced through the skirmish with fìnese.

Her scimitar whirling around her head and hitting each target, the dirk did as much damage and caught an unfortunate enemy up through his chin and mouth.  Blood squirting everywhere and on her white blouse.

It didn’t take long before half her crew were storming the ship, they were behind their captain.  Some of the enemy crew had guns and were shooting, Captain Banobany looked around searching for the bastards Captain.  

She scanned the scene whilst shots were being fired from all directions.  She saw him, he was looking down upon the scene.  What a coward she thought! He should be in the skirmish, she ran towards him and cut unto several enemies killing then instantly.

Her dirk stabbing the eyes out of an unlucky deck man.

“Landlubbers!” She chortled as she ran straight to the platform where this Captain stood.  A blade narrowly missed her side and she stopped, turned around and faced the attacker.  Her eyes narrowed looking at the spindly crew member, she cut his leg off with one mighty scimitar cut.

She turned and ran back towards her target, a musket fired towards her and bullet aimed straight for her heart. She saw the smoke from the musket and dived into a roll along the galley and jumped on to the staircase to the platform where the pirate captain stoood.

“Targosa! I am here to kill You!” Banobany sneered as she pointed her scimitar at his chest, the dirk in her right hand held out in readiness.

Targosa looked down the length of the scimitar, he glanced to the right where on deck the two crews fought with ferocity.  The howls and screams vibrating through the timbers.  It was hard to tell which side was winning.

“You cannot defeat me Banobany! This is not a woman’s worl-” he gulped as the scimitar pressed on his throat.  She looked to her left and smiled menacingly.

“Looks like you’re going to be defeated Targosa!” Her eyes narrowing and her blue eyes showing true rage, she looked at this Captain and found nothing of a leader. His short black beard and young clean face betrayed the truth.  She understood her error at the last second.  This was not Targosa.

She ducked as a cutless swept through the air aiming to kill her.  She lost her balance to the rocking motion of the ship.  She stared up and there was the real Targosa with his cutlass bearing down on her.

The pirate gaffawed as he saw her lying there, she kicked out and flipped forward. She was on the attack now and proceeded to duel in the midst of battle.  Metal swords blinked together as she feigned and thrust, Targosa studied her as they fought looking for weaknesses in her defense. 

Her face full of malice she thrust forward, as she did so Targosa swung his cutlass narrowly missing the top of her head.  This was her weakness.

He twirled around as her scimitar missed his left shoulder by a whisker, he countered with a downward cut and a step forward throwing her off balance.  Banobany pushed back until both swords were crossed between them.

“You need to die you coward!” She spat in his eye and he stumbled backwards, she sneered and the full rage came in a blur from her criss crossing scimitar.  The dirk digging the air in between the strikes until Targosa was on the floor surrendering.

“Enough!” He yelled at this crazed woman but she was not stopping, her sword was about to thrust when she stopped.  Her hateful eyes looking down at him, she had defeated him now whether tobkill him or keep him for other purposes.

She kept the sword on him and surveyed the scene behind her.  Her crew were beating the enemy but the Queensbane was a little bit behind the enemy ship.  She saw one of her crewmembers coming towards her in panic, his bloodied face showing battle scars and the adrenaline could be seen from his eyes.

“Ursula!” She shouted, this man heard his Captain and went straight over to her.

“Tie this Captain up! He’s coming with us, maybe the Queen will give us a price for him” she kicked him hard in the stomach and Targosa winced and weighed in pain.

Instantly Ursula found some rope and tied Targosa up so tightly he was bleeding.

“You’re a fine fighter wench, but you’re not a pirate!” Targosa spat at her foot and she responded with a knee to his chest.

“You’re right Targosa. I’m not a pirate tis true, I’m a God damn privateer.” She sighed as she turned and looked at her ship which was on its starboard side. Cannons facing the enemy ready to fire at the enemy ship, she had to be quick.

“Boys!” She screamed amongst the fighting “throw the enemies overboard and be prepared! The cannonballsare to fly!”

She turned to Ursula “Make sure that yellow livered excuse of a pirate gets on our boat alive!” Her face turned to menace “or else!”

She opened the door to the deck below and dissapeared to find the shard she was ordered to find.

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