Sugaveg Diet Day 1 : The Awakening

So originally i was meant to start day one last Thursday. However i felt unwell and ended up having full blown “man flu”. So up to pretty much yesterday i have felt absolutely rotten and i didnt think it right to start the diets on a low point.

So apologies to those who were waiting.

So here i am, a carnivore and social fast food junk rock star wanting to turn my health around. A 34 year old, weighing in at 10 stone 10 lbs.

I shall post my stats at the very last day of the dual diets.

The weight is not an issue to me but i want to see if i will feel better, energised etc.

So basically two diets at the same time :

A vegetarian diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and various vegetarian brands. I will do my best with this but it will be hard and my absolute weakness is bacon.

I am determined to carry on if it is a good health choice for me.

A Sugar Free Diet :

Now this one ive had to tweak a bit as it is impossible to find things without sugar. So i shall be cutting out all high sugar products, absolutely no granulated sugar, no chocolate, no sweets and no crisps.

This will be torture.

So for today i have had :

Breakfast :

1 banana, coffee without sugar, toast with honey

Lunch :

Hard boiled eggs on wholemeal toast, with ketchup (made replacing sugar with honey)

Dinner :

Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne with boiled potatoes.

I feel full and content with what i have eaten but my heart longs for a big dirty bacon bap with a healthy dose of butter and a dollop of ketchup on top. *shudders*

I cant even watch Peppa Pig.

So long!

And now for something a little different.

Hi there,

Im glad you are reading this, i am taking somewhat of a departure from story writing for a little while. I have many ideas in my head about what im going to write about. However.

A few days ago i was talking to someone about diets and i started thinking to myself i could do a certain diet.

So…i am setting myself a challenge today, i shall be dual dieting so to speak. Two diets, 30 days. I am only doing this to see if it will benefit my life and im sure it will.

First diet is a meat free diet and for anyone that knows me this will be a tough challenge! I love meat and am prone to steaks, pies and the occasional rib. This will be a toughie by any standard.

Second diet going alongside will be the super duper sugar free diet! Now this will be insane! As you all must know is that everything seems to have sugar in it. The only sugar i am allowed is natural sugar (out of fruit mostly).

I shall post daily on what is occurring.

So from tomorrow will be Day 1. I am preparing myself today for the onslaught. I shall post my statistics etc tomorrow.

Good day fellow tablespoons!