Sugaveg Diet Day 1 : The Awakening

So originally i was meant to start day one last Thursday. However i felt unwell and ended up having full blown “man flu”. So up to pretty much yesterday i have felt absolutely rotten and i didnt think it right to start the diets on a low point.

So apologies to those who were waiting.

So here i am, a carnivore and social fast food junk rock star wanting to turn my health around. A 34 year old, weighing in at 10 stone 10 lbs.

I shall post my stats at the very last day of the dual diets.

The weight is not an issue to me but i want to see if i will feel better, energised etc.

So basically two diets at the same time :

A vegetarian diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and various vegetarian brands. I will do my best with this but it will be hard and my absolute weakness is bacon.

I am determined to carry on if it is a good health choice for me.

A Sugar Free Diet :

Now this one ive had to tweak a bit as it is impossible to find things without sugar. So i shall be cutting out all high sugar products, absolutely no granulated sugar, no chocolate, no sweets and no crisps.

This will be torture.

So for today i have had :

Breakfast :

1 banana, coffee without sugar, toast with honey

Lunch :

Hard boiled eggs on wholemeal toast, with ketchup (made replacing sugar with honey)

Dinner :

Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne with boiled potatoes.

I feel full and content with what i have eaten but my heart longs for a big dirty bacon bap with a healthy dose of butter and a dollop of ketchup on top. *shudders*

I cant even watch Peppa Pig.

So long!

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