Sugaveg Diet : Day 8

Well alot of things have happened. The UK had the most unprecedented super snow blower weather and has caused most things to stop.

Here i am constantly on this diet, not one piece of meat remotely touched and for the first few days i felt weak and tired, i have started to have more energy as the days go on.

Im struggling with my meat addiction because i keep thinking of a nice greasy bacon roll, generously spread on a buttered roll with a wee dollop of ketchup….

…however i have remained true to my word. I have also become annoyed with “battery farming” or “factory farming”. I am dead against that awful life that animals must go through.

You see when you get adverts on tv about meat it normally goes something like this :

A cow grazing on the field and a girl milking the udders to get the milk. The cow is content and healthy with no care in the world. Blue skies and the greenest grass. Dont worry the cow is safe and so is your food.

When in reality :

A female cow is saved whereas a male cow is killed, the female cow grows up and is impregnated (un naturally), the calf is taken away from the mother and its fate is decided on its gender. The mother is taken away and milked by machines still missing its newborn calf. The cows lead a miserable life until they can no longer be considered useful. The cow is slaughtered and sold as meat.

Anyways thats one example of one animal and the way we humans treat them. If we could find a way to crack down on factory farming we need to do so.

So on to the sugar free diet after that wonderful tale. Hope i didnt make you mooooody.

This sugar free thing, man o man i cant lie. Its been hard and i had a bad day where i cracked open a snickers bar but apart from that no sugar has passed my lips.

I feel the weight dropping off me tbf and i do feel more energised. I drink coffee without the sugar and im starting to appreciate the real taste of coffee.

Ive been eating things with sweetners however im cracking down on them because its been giving my stomach upset.

I would recommend this diet for anyone who wants to lose weight because it really does work.

I even believe if you cut half your sugar then youll still lose the weight.

And remember Little Britain fans because you halve the sugar you can have twice as much 🙂 .

Anyways just a quick one, im off to rescue my car.

Quick stat : average 20000 steps per day equates to nearly 9 miles. This how much im doing.