Letting Go

Her face was against his chest, the gentle moonlight lighting the outline of her beautiful face. Captivated by her beauty the man breathed slowly as he gazed long and hard.

She was his dream come true, a glimmer of hope in a cold cold world. A cold world he had created by his own mistakes and regrets. A world that was beautiful turned ugly by his own hands.

Yet this beauty slept without his thoughts interrupting. He kept her close and hugged her tightly. Her brown eyes woke to the tightness and she gazed into his, he brought his hand to her face and tilted it as he brought his mouth close.

A deep longing kiss between the two lovers, a moment of madness overtook his mind as he stuttered to say the words he had thought to say.

He stopped himself as she asked what the matter was. He looked away as if looking to the past and whispered that he wanted to marry her.

Awkward silence with still the tightness of a loving embrace. How could he love anyone as much as she? How could anyone love him?

Eventually she retreated to her side of the bed and passed out as he left her alone and walked out the door. They would remain friends even though every fibre in his body wanted to scream that they should be together.

He was desperately in love but he had to let go of this beautiful woman who had saved his life literally and figuritively many times over. She was the greatest woman he had ever known and she was his best friend.

For now though all that was left was letting go.

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