A new healthy challenge

I am going to be taking part in a new challenge where my life will change for the better. I successfully achieved the 30 day vegitarian challenge and am now a fully fledged vegetarian, although in the past i have fell for a cheeseburger but it was once and so i think i can be forgiven.

The reason i began that challenge is because of the awful treatment i researched about the meat industry and the hardest part of the challenge was bacon. God i missed bacon, it helped that i had a very dear friend that helped me. A veggie bestie if you will.

So heres my thoughts on what i have achieved through that challenge.

Pros :

Weight Loss

More Energy

None of my money going towards the meat industry

Less ill health


Depression has been minute rather than overwhelming

Cons :

I cant think of anything but i miss cheeseburgers. Honestly, i wouldnt change my diet for the world.

Anyhoo, going up with a new challenge i am going to see how i can achieve top fitness and possibly a six pack. I dont think i can bit its a challenge.

So heres my stats atm :

Height : 5.5

Weight : 9st 9

BMI : 23.3

I have currently joined the gym and i will start going when i can, i aim to workout 2 hours at a time and i will report my findong on here.

Next post i will put pictures up so there can be a way of seeing the difference at the end of the challenge.

Also i will be putting in the report what i am eating so then it gives us an idea of what i can eat and get a better body.

So onwards to the 30 day Gym challenge! I will begin on my first official day at the gym.


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