A Little Bit About Grieving

My Nan passed away 2 days ago, Saturday 24th 2016 at 3:15.

Sounds official, sounds final.

At this current time with tears in my eyes i write with heartache and pain. Grief can be overwhelming but we must not forget that life is for living. Its to be cherished, all to often we take things for granted. Like frustration or impatience, intolerance and differences of opinion.

When it all boils down to it, we will all be in the same situation. A coffin.

Now, i dont actually know or claim to know what happens after we die. As frustrating as it is i have been grasping at straws trying to find answers which do not come at all.

My dreams are nothingness, my soul screams for it, my heart yearns for it and nothing comes. One thing for certain is that life is fragile, she was fine Friday and Saturday morning issues happened and the sad day when she gave up her fight.

I only write because i dont actually know what to do, im lost.

But i have a loving family who support each other and love. I feel my nan around me everywhere and i just hope there is an afterlife and we will be reunited with her and my grand dad.

For now, i dont know what else to say. Even writing this has tortured my soul and turned me into a sobbing mess.

Sleep tight nan.

Peace and Love!