The Crescent : No.22

The poshness of number 22 can not be described.  Everything in the house was cold and organised. Immaculate and clean, straight and efficient.

 Josephine had a highly paid job and her husband had a monopoly on his services.

Josephine sat on the sofa drinking a green tea when a rap at the door.  Josephine rolled her eyes and went straight to the door.

She opened it.

It was her pimp.

“Yo posh nosh where ya been last night girl?” He asked calmly.

“Hey Norman…” she started.

“Don’t hey Norman me with that bullshit. Shit…you’re my money. Remember that!” Norman was getting irritated.

“Sorry” she replied sheepishly.

“Well shit ain’t ya gonna ask your daddy in?” 

“Y-y-yes by all means come in” Josephine ushered him in. Norman looked around.

“Mmmm, lordy, you have got some fine shit in here. Mmm hmm.” Norman was holding a crystal bear ornament.  He laughed a little.

“Well uh, I expected some work done for me last night” he started undoing his buttons “so I expect you to work hard right now”.

Josephine was already undressed and bent over.  Expecting it.

Just as Norman was about to take his clothes off the rattling of keys. Josephine’s husband.

Norman’s face switched from lustful to serious in an instant. Josephine stared hard at the door, in walked her husband Kyle.

Kyle looked at his naked wife then at Norman. Norman stared and broke the silence.

“Bitch! Where were you last night? You my number one rent boy, bitch!” Norman yelled.

“I was just taking the night off boss, I’ve got sting ring” Kyle replied.

“Bitch please, sit on over there” Norman said pointing at the sofa. He gave a disgusted look “gave you employee of the month and everything”. He turned back to Josephine.

“sting ring! PAH!”

Tuatha De Danaan Series 1.1

Tuatha De Danaan The Hawthorne Tree Volume 1

Chapter 1

I was a young man back then when I stumbled upon that old wicked Hawthorne tree. A young man with no understanding of what that day would bring…eternity.

It was a warm spring day and the air was crisp, the forest smelled fresh. I had just finished working on O’Carroll’s farm,  one of many a hard day tending the fields. A lot of men would complain by the ways of work but i enjoyed it and found it to be very therapeutic. I never tired to the amazement of my peers, how much work could one man do in one day?  They used to mumble to each other. I would smile and nod like a fool and get on with my labours.

This day as of many days I had started my trek back home through the forest to my village.  I had walked but 20 to 30 minutes and the forest was thicker and the light drizzled through the dark roof above.  I heard the sweet birds chirping merrily high up in the branches as if they were enjoying the same day as i. Every tree had a flock of birds sitting merrily tweeting, all trees except one tree, a tree that i had just noticed. The Hawthorne.

It was a beautiful ancient tree full of grace with it’s own battered branches holding out their own against the winds of time. Arms stretching right to heaven as if in celebration to the one Christian God himself or possibly the devil.

The Hawthorne tree was not natural. Not even close, it held secrets in its bark that went right to the deep underlying roots. I had heard many tales as a boy growing up in my village and that i should be be wary of this magnificent tree, to never break a branch or be doomed for eternity.  The tree held a certain energy and as little children we used to find a tree that we thought might be a Hawthorne and bravely we would snap a twig off a tree.  If i had of known i would never have even tried to break a branch, luckily not one of us had seen a real Hawthorne Tree.

My thoughts broke from the childhood memories and i shook my head as if dazed and confused.  I turned away from the tree being a little anxious but something caught my eye and i swiftly looked back.  My eyes widened in shock as i looked on.

I saw him. I could never forget him.  His very existence was burned into my soul that day.

I saw him slumped under that God awful Hawthorne tree, he was small in stature but the body was in proportion, about three foot tall he was. His little red hat was tipped over his one eye and a small tooting sound escaped from his mouth. He was sleeping soundly.

I crouched down quickly as he stirred a little, he grumbled something discernible.  It sounded like Gaelic but nothing i had ever heard before, it was melodious.

I saw from my crouched position his little suit and it was the brightest burgundy with little shiny gold buttons, his shirt a fine white and braces the colour of night. The thing that amazed me was his shoes, so polished they were that it looked like black marble. His sleeping position made him look like a statue but I could see his chest slowly going up and down through his contented breathing.

I crept slowly from my crouching position to get a better look, I had heard of the Leprechauns before but only in childhood stories, i could not believe this. I thought maybe Mr O’Carroll had worked me too hard today and this was the aftermath.

Nevertheless I approached carefully towards this little creature, tooting from his sleep, I was so close to that cursed tree.  I had no idea what i would do when i got near or if he ever woke up, my thoughts betrayed my body as suddenly before i could get any nearer a twig snapped under my foot, i cursed myself for being such a fool. This sleeping creature woke very quickly, his body popped up from the ground un-naturally and he twirled around three times until our eyes finally met. It seemed like a lifetime as he stared into my eyes and it seemed I’d stopped breathing. I shook off the spell that he was throwing my way, entrancing me into the other-world. The faerie folk were known for whisking people away by their magic and i needed to be alert.

His eyes glowed angrily as if he had been caught out but he grinned as he saw I was still in my crouched position. He let out a merry little laugh as his eyes widened and relaxed.

“Ah, ye got me there now! I was having a wee snooze. And who might you be? Friend or foe?” The creature said pointing a gnarly little finger my way.

I stood up, feeling like a fool having been caught sneaking. I felt a bit ashamed that i had dared to intrude on a magical being by stealth. Maybe i should have just walked on.

“My name is Fergal, just a man on his way home to his family” says I in a nervous, shaky tone. I did not know what was to become of me.

“Ah, Fergal, well come sit with me” he ushered me over with his small hands patting beside him, he clicked his fingers and a wooden chair with a plush cushion atop appeared out of thin air beside him. “I’d like a wee chat wit you, if you be so kind”. His voice melodic and childlike.  His eyes staring at me intently and his pupils looked like they had golden flames inside, i shook my head and whisked the magic away from me.  I needed to be so careful, he was dangerous.

A flash of anger crossed his face and was gone in an instant, he did not like the fact i didnt succumb to his devilish ways.

Cautiously I sat beside him on this extremely comfortable chair, wondering what on earth I could talk to a leprechaun about. I needn’t have worried because he started anyway. His eyes narrowed a little as he looked up at me.

“So I guess we have to sort the wishes out Fergal” He said slyly with a little glimmer in his eye, the golden flames appearing,  i did not like his tone “You can have three, but please I beg of you not the crock of gold.”

“Why? What’s wrong with the gold?” I was excited by the notion of the gold, the leprechaun had a saddened expression on his face. He stroked his little beard in contemplation as if stretching through time into memories long past. He looked away from me towards the direction of the path to O’Carrolls.

“I always get asked Fergal, the truth of the matter is that I dont actually know where it is. It’s beyond wishes now. You see I have been around for a long long long time, I hid it near my youngest age” the leprechauns wizened face shook with rage. “Just don’t wish it”.

I sat there with the leprechaun in the stillness of the forest pondering what was to become of me, he would look up at me grinning every so often. Almost like he was reading my mind.

“Hush!” he said and held up his hand. He kept looking around the forest, sniffing and cackling.  It was horrific to look upon.

I couldnt believe i was talking to this little creature, i promised myself in that moment to never utter it to anyone in the village as theyd think me mad.  The priests would have me by the neck alone, id never go against them.

“Yes Fergal! Keep it to yerself” the leprechaun said offhandedly as he was in contemplation. It shocked me that he read what seemed to be my mind. It suddenly dawned on me that I had never asked him his name.

I looked at him and his mouth widened, grinning from ear to ear. He waved his hand and in front of us a banquet table appeared from thin air. A barrel of fine stout dropped on the table. Music was playing somewhere that he had magicked, fine fiddles and lutes playing and entrancing me. I got off the chair and felt the need to dance, he danced with me and he laughed which made me laugh. Suddenly his laughter turned to a menacing cackle and he stopped, he clicked his fingers once more.

Chairs appeared and he bade me to sit, so I did.

Now I don’t know what you’ve heard about the wee other crowd folk but they are tricksters and deceivers, liars and crooks. I was impressed by this little man but I was wary, this unknown creature was wily and i knew it well. I could tell by his eyes, they glowed with mischievousness and danger.

“My name is Conarght” he said as if he read my mind earlier. With that sentence he finished with a sneer, almost like he felt contempt for even letting me know his name. He jumped high up and landed softly on the chair next to me, then bounced on to the table. Conarght did a little jig up and down this table, he was entertaining to watch and i found myself clapping to his jig.

He waved his hand in two opposite circles, a mug appeared in each of his hands. One small red and gold lined and the other a bigger mug that was blue and silver lined. The mugs were both made of the finest metal and glistened with flecks of gold.

He invited me to eat to which I politely declined as I had heard stories of folk disappearing after dining with the faerie folk. There was a flash of anger but it dissipated as we continued to converse in generalities. He told me of his many adventures in time long before i was there, he said that there were so many that he couldn’t talk about because there were ancient secrets he could not reveal.

He told me of the old kings of ulster, the Fomarians and invaders of old Ireland to which I scoffed. He was displeased at my mockery, even punched the table hard that it felt like lightning struck and he put me right verbally.

“One day the world will see it to be true!” He screeched. Then he calmed, smiled and poured some stout for himself and me. “Mortals are all the same.”

I longed for the stout as I was thirsty, he knew it. I reached for the cup, I noticed his eyes narrow and darken as i did so. I grabbed hold of my senses before it was too late, i would not be a prisoner to this imp. I put the cup straight down, so hard that the mug fell over and the liquid trickled out over the table. He glared, his eyes burned with hatred.

“Fergal, in one way or another you will be staying here forever…with me.” He hissed and spat. I looked at him with contempt, i had heard about leprechauns and wishes and my heart started thumping. Maybe i could try this one last trick on him. So i began my gamble.

“I have three wishes Conarght! I know well enough straight and true that you won’t hurt me until the three wishes are up!” I shot back with conviction.

“Well…now…I suppose…” the leprechaun turned his head away, his eyes frantically turning from side to side, his tongue was out and seemed to touch his nose. I looked disgusted at the sight, his head turned quickly, twisting to look back at me and then back into the previous position. Deep in thought, his mouth turned into an evil grin and he looked back at me.

“Alright Fergal, I’ll tell thee thus. I will not harm ye or your kin for now. Here are four gold coins.” The leprechaun dropped them onto the table, four dull duds sounded. “Hold them near because they are more precious than air.”

“Four gold coins?” I asked in exasperation and worry “why ever would you offer these to me?”.

“Ah, well there is a catch to it so there is” the leprechaun grinned menacingly “it’ll take four years to be rid of these, that’s one year for each coin”.

I was worried about what I was getting into with this devil, I gulped as I asked “and what if I refuse Conarght?”

The leprechaun rose to his feet and stared deep into my eyes. I felt his voice go straight to my soul as he uttered.

“Be wary of your decision as I shall make your life worse than all the plight of Ireland.  Worse than every disease in the known world.  The worst luck to ever befall a human being, yes even worse than Cormack Mac Art who was stabbed by his own!” The leprechaun smiled menacingly and calmly sat down “or you could do the tasks I ask” he twirled his little finger around his Brown beard. He hummed a little merry tune.

I was scared beyond measure, how could I defy the little creature.  He had me ensnared, I knew it and he knew it.

“Well I guess I have no choice Conarght. What are the tasks?” I asked worried about what it entailed.

“Ah!” He sat down quickly “All in good time, what I would suggest is to go home and wait for me.  Remember this though, be careful what you wish for!”

With this he snapped his fingers three times, instantly

He put out a long finger and slowly tipped his hat down, the table dissipated and all the objects faded away. He sat under that Hawthorne tree in the position i had found him.

“Time to go home Fergal, its getting late now, go home”

I looked at him in horror, his one eye peeping from under the hat menacingly. It was indeed getting dark and i decided to run home as quick as i could, i heard cackling in the background as if he was following me home. This was the day i had met the Devil.

David’s Knowledge (near death experience)

David was a very depressed man, for whatever reason he could never understand what drove him to despair. Something ugly drove his negative ambition, something that wouldn’t give in.  A nagging overwhelming sensation that brought him to where he was now.

He sat still on the chair, gasping between crying, with the gun pointing into his head. The Webley MK Vi wobbled terribly in his hand with every sob.

One second and it will all be over he thought frantically against the tidal wave of emotional pain.

Suddenly his eyes looked to the door, something had grabbed his attention. He shook his head then looked into the barrel of the gun.


The door knob rattled and shook violently, a loud creak of the door. Irritated, David cursed, he wanted it over with. Then the door opened and light flooded the dark room.

He lowered the gun, he got up slowly out of the chair and went to the door. Slowly and steadily he walked to the portal, the light was extremely painful. He had not seen much light in a month. Every step was agony.

Slowly passing through the door he peeked out and peered down the right side of the hall, nothing.  Then looked to the left, empty. He turned and at the very end of the room was the dark outline of a horned creature.

He shook his head, the fear rising. He looked again and the figure had disappeared. He thought it was the pills he’d been taking. He laughed bitterly, he felt quite pitiful.

The residual depression rising in his lungs.  His mind came back to reality. He was about to cry with the heartbreak of what he wanted to do.
A hand steadied his shoulder and he felt all the pain and torment taken away.  A voice gentle and meek said “calm, follow me”.  His vision melted away and the last thing he saw was an open door.

His body fell to the ground but his spirit soared out of his body.  Flying towards the universe at unspeakable speed, the absolute joy flooding his mind.  Never had he experienced it so sweetly.

He was addicted to the sheer will of the universe, the knowledge the stars and vast blanket of night had to offer.

His spirit came to a halt.

“This is the centre of the universe” said the familiar voice, it was beside him.

A man stood next to him, he was middle aged with a kind face and a pony tail.  He wore a cloak that changed colour by his mind.

“What am I doing here?” David asked with sincerity, every inch of pain was left behind in his earthly body.

“You have been chosen David, to be shown things the world needs.  I am your guardian angel, I have been with you your entire existence.  Before you were born and after.  But before I go further, I must warn you that things you will learn will put you in danger” the Angel said with calmness.

“What danger? And why me?” David asked.

“The forces of evil will be after you for your knowledge, you will learn in time.  However, let me introduce myself. I am Grionia and I have many names, I shall only share this name with you.  Any time you need me this will be my gift. I can protect you.  Now, let me show you these things.” With a wave of his hand Grionia made ripples in space and stars moved out the way, very much like a curtain.  Behind this dark curtain pure light penetrated.

Grionia, Dave’s memory started to flit through images. He remembered this man!  He had known him for a long time but the mortal coil had blocked and blinded him. Images of laughter and happiness flooded his brain to the point he thought he’d explode.  His soul soared and he was prepared for anything.

“Come!” Grionia commanded.

They flew through the dark curtain into the pure light, he was home he thought. He was happy! As soon as they went though he landed on ground that was tangible, his spirit feet felt the warmth.

He looked up and for miles and miles in the air people had come to greet him. These were family members of past generations he thought but not all were there which brought dismay.

He had the urge to find them, that everyone of them were important to him. Grionia was instantly by his side.

“You can’t save them all David” he shook his head sadly “some don’t want to be saved”. With that he flew up.

People came towards him from above and greeted him, he remembered every one of them. They issued words which initiated thoughts of how they knew of his life on earth.  At times of trouble in his life and how they cried or laughed with him throughout his 33 years of life.

He loved them all.

Eventually they all said their words and dispersed. He was with grionia again, and the scenery shimmered into fields of emerald with bright blue and pink skies. Trees of many colours littered the fields with fruit of allsorts.  Streams babbled by and animals frolicked.  He saw his puppy from his youth that had died of a liver dysfunction.  The Labrador puppy sprang toward him with his tail wagging, telepathically the dog said “I love you and have missed you” then sprang backwards and forwards.

David walked for miles and miles taking I’m the beauty.  Grionia didn’t say much but let David in peace take it all in.  Then suddenly stopped.

“You have a mission David” he said abruptly ” you have to preach to people about the world after, people have lost touch of spirituality.  But it is at a vital point.  You are not the only one, the great deceiver is hard at work to destroy everything.  Take a look at everything here”

The beautiful image melted, replaced by burning trees, wilted flowers, dried up river beds and smelt of brimstone.

“This is what will happen, if the great deceiver wins” grionia sounded downbeat.

“God won’t let that happen” David replied but he was stopped in his tracks when grionia guffawed loudly.

“God! God! There’s no such thing my friend, take a look around! Do you see a majestic celestial being in the sky?” He waved his hand around. “God is a fiction, but we! We are beings of greatness, I guess we would be god’s and goddesses by your reckoning but we are one.  Not one above the other!”

Dave looked sadly and shook his head.

“Then what’s the point of it all, what’s the meaning of life?” He felt that old feeling of despair creep in.

“Don’t you see? Its knowledge, it’s always been knowledge.  You’ve seen 0.1 percent of this place, there’s infinite knowledge you can learn.  The point of life, the meaning is knowledge.” He waved his hand again and the landscape changed back to the beautiful scenery.

“But the great deceiver, he is real and he is amassing an army of followers.  He was cast out, he peopled giants on your earth with the daughters of man. He tried to biologically imprint his army on earth. He failed miserably when we worked on extreme weather and sent the flood. He is trying once more to put a body of deceivers on earth. You and others will confront this “devil” as you would call him.  He is real and he will not stop”.

“Look!” He waved his hand an a giant image appeared in the sky. A large giant stood in the image, it was like a grotesque gargoyle however the body of an angry man.  He kept uttering commands and throwing groups of people for miles.  His image stunned David and he recoiled in terror.

“You are safe here” grionia uttered.

The giant man in the image turned his head slowly to look straight into the beautiful land.  It pointed straight at David and let out an almighty roar, it screamed instantly after and his razor blade teeth gnashed.

“I will get you David, you shall bow before me! You shall fail!!” The creature screeched. David became afraid.

“It is you who shall fail, Chuthra! You who is imprisoned in a false prison! You cannot win, these brave soldiers will put an end to your misery!” Grionia replied calmly.

The creature mocked him, spewed and spat. He was insanely cruel and showed it by chewing on a human and spitting her out.  Her body becoming one when it hit the ground.

David recoiled in terror.  Grionia waved his hand, the image disappeared.  Exasperated, he knew that creature and always had.  A distant memory occurred to him of pushing and shoving this Chuthra.

Grionia turned to David and with a smile said to be still.

David was instantly calm and the joy was creeping back. He felt happy in this place once again. He thought about his life and how meaningless it was, how he spent more time in depression when he could be swimming in joy. This place was an open and transparent place, full of every secret in the universe.  Except here it wasn’t secret, it was knowledge.

“It is time David, let us begin” grionia sat him on the grass and knelt behind him.  He put his hands to David’s head and pushed lightly down.

An exhilarating rush of pure energy pulsed into David’s spiritual body. He felt warm and radiant, he was full of truth. He cried with the power of this knowledge.  Grionia finished.

“It is done.  You must go. Please throw the gun away, it will solve nothing.    Return to your body, I will instruct you 3 days hence. Your home is protected. Go!” Grionia was forcefully this time and shown his hidden power.

David felt a magnet pulling him through the scenery, out of the light into the darkness, through the universe and fell straight into his body. His body jerked quite alot and settled, his breathing returning. The body felt like a weight, a heavy wet towel dragging his soul down.

He awakened and saw the gun lying a few yards from him, the door still ajar.  He closed it quickly. He sighed, saddened to be in his body again. He looked at the clock, 20:08 the clock read. He was puzzled.  He planned to kill himself 8pm on the dot, he was dead for 8 minutes!

David looked at the gun and noticed there was a bit of smoke, which meant it was fired very recently. He looked in the chamber and sure enough a bullet was missing.

He looked around the room for a bullet hole, he noticed a dark hole in the top right corner. Who fired it? He became anxious and scared. He flicked every light on in the house. Checked every room, every closet and every door. Except the outside, he couldn’t bear to look.

A knock at the door.

He became scared, who knew what or whom was knocking.  He hesitated.  The door knocking came back harder. He became anxious, he walked tentatively towards the door.  The knocking became pounding and he heard scratching.  The scratching sounded desperate.

A voice entered his mind “be calm David, chuthra has sent his minions.  Do not be alarmed you and your home are protected.  Open the door”.

He walked slowly towArds the door, obediently he opened it.  It flung out of his hand and there stood six creatures full of hate, leering and drooling with venom.

Monstrous beasts, one with one eye and rest of the group had three. They rasped and mocked him.

“You will die David, son of Greta, and Chuthra will devour you!” The one eyed creature declared whilst examine the doorway. His lizard tongue smacking every way.  The other creatures laughed and mocked, they sent thoughts into David’s head of being impaled with barbed rods and being moved up and down for all of eternity.

He winced, scared beyond measure. The creatures knew this and fed off his fear.  Smacking their lips hungrily, he knew they wanted to rip his mortal body from limb to limb.

“Can we come in? You’re only delaying the inevitable” the creature asked with a sly look as it moved it’s head side to side.

Grionias voice was back “don’t accept their invitation!”

“No!!” David replied.

The beasts all jumped in to the flat, or at least they tried to.  The room filled with a barrier of such force that the creatures were scared, they screeched and howled, clawed and bit at the barrier.  It was impenetrable.  David had solace and felt safe.

“We will be back!!” One of them screeched.

The barrier faded and the doorway was empty, David hurriedly closed the door.