A hard truth

He looked into her bloodshot eyes, hard tears dripping delicately on her pale skin, a gentle rub from his hand wiped a tear away. The man let a little sympathetic smile show and looked away. Tears brimming his own hazel eyes.

“why do we do this?” She said with a tone of sorrow “we always hurt each other” he looked back and she winced from the sight of tears welling in his eyes. Her hands on his arms, rubbing gently.

She hugged him tight and whispered she was sorry. He clenched his fists and let go as the hug melted his pain. He whispered back I’m sorry too.

They stayed in an embrace for what seemed an eternity. They slowly moved their faces so their mouths met and kissed deeply.

Lovers, caught in a terrible situation. He told her he loved her, he told her he wanted to marry her.

His heart was hers, no matter the past. She in confusion did not know what she wanted but she did know that she loved him.

They looked deep into each others eyes after a warm kiss, they both uttered those immortal words every poet dreams of : I love you. Always.