The Modern Beatles

John, Paul, George and Ringo started their musical career in the summer of 2003 at the height of the booming reality shows. All living in Liverpool and growing up apart until fate brought them together through various fate and chance encounters.

They first appeared on the voting show “Big Voice Superstar” as solo artists, having failed in the first round they were brought together by a music mogul. They all hailed from the city of culture, Liverpool, different areas but the general charm of being liverpulian gave this music mogul the fire to move forward.

Now, they didn’t get as far as they wished on the tv show having been beaten by a singing woman who had a trained dog by her side, they were called Suzie Dogro. They were only at the first round, a show judge by the name of Johnnie Roughidge decided they needed more Help!

This however did not stop the Fab four on their road to success. Having failed getting massive exposure on the telly they went on the road to Europe. They started of in the Reeperbaum which was like the devils asshole. So deliciously sinful that the Fab four had to take time out from their tour.

This was only the beginning…