Serial Ire

The stranger watched her from across the train, the beautiful woman’s face was engrossed in a book entitled “The Lambeg Incident”.  The dark night from the window illuminated her beauty, the occasional strike of light from outside bounced off her soft hair. His dark beady eyes looked from under his blue cap, his coat had […]

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 The Trolley Ghost : Part 2

Kaje jumped out of his skin when jonny jumped out of nowhere. “God damn it jonny!” He said exasperated, his face turned from shock to anger. Jonny stared whilst smiling goofily.  A group of customers at Sunrays Bins started to stare. There’s that crazy trolley fella at it again they thought.  Kaje face turned red, […]

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The Trolley Ghost

Kaje was a worker at Sunrays Bins, a local supermarket where the happiest customers often shopped.  So happy that they screamed, ranted and argued with incredible joy!  Kaje was a happy go lucky kind of guy who always had a smile on his chops.  He would often help little old ladies with their shopping whilst […]

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Clumsy Daddy (A Bedtime Story)

Clumsy Daddy woke up with a start. *BANG* “Oooh my noggin!” He said clutching his head after banging it from the window sill over his bed. *TWEET TWEET HEE HEE* Laughed the birds.  Clumsy Daddy decided to roll out of bed. *THUMP!* He landed on the floor with a thump.  He groaned as the birds […]

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