Eden the beginning : chapter 2

Master Token was escorted through brightly lit corridors by the two officers. He looked out the windows, views were spectacular outside. White cliffs against the bright blue Eden skies.
The sea below thriving with life and beautiful buildings far below these endless corridors.
He was paid well to be this high in the government sanctuary and he knew it, although the government owed him more but he never pushed it. He was a practical man and he knew where his bread was buttered.
He realised he had walked far behind in his daydreaming.
“Keep moving Scientist!” Grumbled the officer who had been the grumpy one.
He sped up, they were nearly at the Emperors quarters.
They kept walking through the corridors, past other domiciles and officer barracks until they opened up to vast areas of shopping arcades.
This was by far the worst area in The Government building, he hated the way people swooned at buying and selling. They kept on until it narrowed into one long corridor, four guards at the end of the corridor raised their long ceremonial spears.
“At ease! Newly appointed General Sujes to bring Master Token to the Emperor!”
With that Tokens mouth dropped open aghast, this mean officer was in fact General Pascalls replacement. Ridiculous he thought.
General Sujes seemed to have sensed this and glanced back at the scientist, his eyes narrowed. Token gulped, then caught hold of himself and put two hands up and silently congratulated himself.
The other officer held back a giggle.
The General sniffed and looked back at the guards who stomped their spears hard on the ground.
All four in unison yelled “Make way!”
The giant doors opened as if by themselves and the three men proceeded to pass through the portal.
The room beyond opened up to a grand and luxurious space, another four guards at the end in front of a massive door. The ceremonial spears were stomped again.
Looking around this room, Token viewed statues and art everywhere, great banners lining the walls and bookshelves with every kind of literature. What the scientist wouldnt give to get his hands on those books. How he adored to read.
His thoughts were broken by the four guards.
The doors once again opened as if by themselves and they continued to walk through this portal.
The next room was four times as large as the last and seemed as high as the cliffs outside.
The throne room.
At the end of this large room were steps leading up to a throne, the room had many people in it who were lined opposite each other making a natural aisle for the three to walk down.
Token felt uncomfortable in his own skin as he walked past these rich, elitist imbeciles. He regarded them as imbeciles because they knew nothing of his or anybody’s world. Stuck up here in fancy apartments and luxury. He despised their life and the way they looked, they looked down on him as he walked by. Looks of utter disgust and snobbery. Token grinned instead, happy to know that he wasnt the only uncomfortable person.
He heard mutterings of “could of worn something nicer” or “has he even washed his face?”
Why dont you go wash your wig? He thought of a particular snob with a ridiculously high white wig on.
They got to the bottom on the steps at the throne, the mutterings became louder and louder until a tall man at the top of the steps raised his hand.
“Silence!” He bellowed with authority. His hand still raised until the silence was acceptable. The tall man turned his head downwards to look at the 3 men standing before the throne.
General Sujes eyes widened and awaited permission to speak, the tall man bowed his headed slowly once as to say speak.
“Lord Ican, I have brought as requested the Scientist Master Token.” He began and in his voice was a tremble, token was surprised by that. The first tremble he had heard in a supposedly hardened general. He mused that possibly this one was not used to public speaking and he chuckled silently.
The Lord nodded again slowly before carrying on.
“The Emperor is pleased with you General Sujes, I regret to inform that you must seek a private audience with the emperor. He grew tired early of large gatherings. Wait here and enjoy the festivities while I talk with the Emperor” he looked at the scientist with suspicion, the Lord pulled his nose up to the air, turned on his heel and walked past the throne into a hallway.
General Sujes gulped and turned to the other two men.
“Follow him officer” he said pointing to Token.
“I am here you know” token gasped “where am I going to go? The air?”
“Listen” the general stormed over to him and poked a chubby finger to tokens chest “I dont trust scientists and I especially dont trust one that stinks of contraband”. The general smiled at Tokens expression, this general was smarter than Token had thought.
“Oh dont worry, full inspection of your domicile will be carried out after this. Do not worry!” The general winked. He continued and looked at the officer.
“Follow him!”
The general disappeared in the crowd that had gathered together, naturally a circle followed Token as he and the officer walked.
At both sides of this massive room were tables filled with food and drink of every kind. Token rolled his eyes, how hypocritical was this system? One rule for them and one rule for the other.
Look at this! Alcohol, contraband to him but here it’s out for all. It disgusted him the idea of drinking this alcohol, not because of the taste but because he would rather drink his contraband. He would feel much more satisfied drinking that than this.
He could feel his blood boiling.
He diverted his attention to something else, looking around this room were massive windows letting in natural light, large flags and banners of the Emperors and countries of the world.
A young woman approached him as he gazed upon a particular statue, taking in the carved marble with awe. This was a statue of the previous Emperor who died more than a decade ago. This statue was carved when he was much much younger, a large sword raised in the air and a shield pointing down in the other hand.
The woman broke his rain of thought.
“Handsome, was he not?” She looked up and down at Master Token.
“Uh…yes I do believe he was…I’m sorry…you startled me” token replied nervously and continued “I am not used to being around such…interesting people…”.
The woman laughed.
“Yes I believe that!”
She took her eyes away from the strange man and looked at the statue.
“He was handsome. I used to be one of his many mistresses.” She looked admiringly at the polished marble.
Token looked shocked that someone would be so bold as to say such things. She caught on to the look and snorted.
“Do not worry. It is no secret and his wife knew about every one of us. Besides he had that long sword” she winked at Token who looked mortified.
“I understand that if he waved that sword at me I too would be afraid”.
The woman guffawed at these words.
“Master Scientist I do believe I like you! Listen…” she was stopped as trumpets started to blare out to the hall. The Lord had returned and bellowed as the trumpets died out.
“My sweet children of the crown! It is with regret to inform you that the festivities are to end. We order you to retire from this hall and return to your homes. Return tomorrow for more festivities”
A huge mourn from the crowd, a sound of utter dismay. Everyone silently walked away to return home. The woman grabbed tokens arm.
“Please, if you ever return to our little part of the world seek me out. Here is my token, Token!”
She shoved a small emerald coin with 6 red rubies around the edges.
“Yes I believe I shall. I beg you though, what is your name?” He asked but she had already walked off with the crowd. Looking at the emerald disc he noticed an engraving of the name Lilith.
“Master Token!” Yelled the Lord.
He put the Token away and swiftly approached the steps with the officer in tow. “No need for your bodyguard now. Be off with you Officer!” The Lord said loudly as they neared. The officer nodded and swiftly turned and walked the opposite way.